9 Ways to Practice #Selfcare During COVID-19

I never realized how the small interactions at work and the gym filled my day with joy. I took these moments for granted. I am certainly missing them now!

Studies have shown isolation, fear, and economic uncertainty can cause depression. I learned I needed to practice some much-needed #selfcare if I was going to make it through this quarantine in one piece. Here are a few ways you can show yourself some love to uplift yourself and combat stress while staying home and staying safe.

Practice Self-Love

There’s no better way to show yourself some love and reduce stress than with an orgasm. With COVID-19 quarantine, those of us who are not married or living with a partner may be having much less sex than before (if you’re being a good social distancer!).  Now’s the time to put your favorite JimmyJane vibrator to good use!


Take a soothing hot bath with a few drops of essential lavender oil and a cup of Epsom salts. You have the time! Listen to your favorite soft and soulful music to get in touch with your inner-self. This will help you tune out the noisy chaos going on, at least for a while.  Baths are known to decrease stress, lower blood pressure, relieve muscle tension, and help you sleep better.

Bonus: JimmyJane vibrators are waterproof making them the perfect bath time companions!

Focus on your Sexual Health

Pre- or post-babies, or to simply improve your sex-life, kegels are always a good idea. Use this time to tighten-up your pelvic floor, clenching while you work from home, do the dishes, or stand in that long line for toilet paper!  Take your toning to the next level by adding weight to your practice. Try our Glass Ben Wa Balls as they’re known to strengthen muscle control causing stronger, more frequent orgasms!

Find a Good Book 

I have taken this time to get some reading done during isolation. I like to cozy up with a book but have also been using audible so I can get some cleaning and laundry done while soaking up new knowledge. Audible has thousands of genres and titles to choose from, a library in the palm of your hand. Use this extra time to escape and explore someone else’s story.

Stay Connect with Friends and Family 

Take some time to call friends and family, check on your parents and grandparents. They will be happy you are thinking of them. Facetime has been my go-to lately, along with Zoom and Microsoft Teams. Even though we are socially isolated, it doesn’t mean you have to be socially disconnected (which can be bad for your mental health).

Write your Thoughts and Feelings Down

Journaling is one of the best forms of therapy without having to talk to anyone. Try to spend some quiet time to connect with yourself. Write down your fears and your desires. Touch on things you want to accomplish. Write about your experience during this pandemic (to share with your grand kids someday!). I wrote a bucket list of things I want to do once quarantine is over, and it gave me some awesome things to look forward to.

Catch Up on Needed Sleep

Sleep when you need to, sleep when you want to. Sleep is important, and mornings just feel different when you are lucky enough to wake up naturally, without an alarm clock. Once we are out of quarantine, you will be less likely to enjoy a mid-day nap. Take advantage of the time now and don’t feel guilty!

Find your Inner Artist or Craftsman

Try a new craft. Paint-by-number. Start a home DIY project. It feels good to accomplish something with your own hands.  

Watch Shows You Couldn't Before

Binge-watch your favorite show or check out something new. There are tons of free online, musicals and plays and tons of live concerts to watch in your pj's without having to wait in line for the bathroom. I just watched a free Cirque du Soleil special on YouTube!

Bottom Line: Self-Care just got pushed to the top of your priority list!