Be safe, #StayHome and Use Cups

With everything going on in the world, the last thing you should have to worry about is your period. Have you tried finding tampons at pharmacies and grocery stores lately? Good luck finding some, or feeling brave enough to enter public spaces with COVID-19 spreading like wildfire (no thank you). Next to toilet paper, menstrual protection is a pretty hot commodity.

Period product scarcity is yet another reason why I love using menstrual cups instead of tampons or pads for my period at this difficult time. Many of us have taken for granted the ability to reach into a cabinet and have ample period products like tampons and pads. For millions of women and people around the world, they are already quite familiar with what is known as "period poverty," the lack of access to menstrual care products. But now we're all in the same boat.

  1. Save money by using one menstrual cup that lasts for years
  2. Save our planet as reusable menstrual cups are less wasteful and more earth friendly
  3. Save time only emptying your cup twice a day instead of the three to 10 times you typically change and throw away used tampons or pads during your three to 10 day cycle

BONUS: menstrual cups are a great alternative for homeless individuals who lack access to clean bathrooms - they only need to find one twice a day.

But now, I feel like it's this blog post has turned into a public service announcement: Be safe, #Stayhome and use cups.

At a time when we're most likely going to be sequestered in our homes for at least another cycle, don't take a chance going to stores with empty shelves and putting yourself at risk of contracting the Coronavirus. Order menstrual cups to your front door and menstruate safely within the confines of your own home.

Plus, your purchase helps others access period products. For every purchase of JimmyJane INTIMATE CARE Menstrual Cups through March, JIMMYJANE will donate $1 to #HappyPeriod.

So skip the trip to the store, #stayhome, stay safe and use cups.

Who is #HappyPeriod?

#HappyPeriod is a charity that works to spread awareness on menstrual health, eliminate the stigma surrounding menstruation, and provide people with periods options that are good for their wallet, their body, and the planet. Learn more at