Ready for Your First Foray into Fetish?

By Sunny Rodgers, ACS, Clinical Sexologist and Sexual Health & Wellness Educator

Bondage. Such an incredibly hot topic now, partly because of the continued success of the 50 Shades of Grey franchise. You hear snippets of conversation, from coffee shops to clubs, “tied up,” “blindfold,” “mistress.” Each whispered word brings forth a myriad of lusty images. But, even though BDSM in its many forms has been around for centuries, not a lot of people know just where to begin or what to try first. Fret no more. Let’s walk through a few options to add serious spice to your sex life.

Blindfolds and masks are the easiest place to begin for most. Obstructing one of your senses heightens the others, allowing new sensations to fully be experienced. Since this may be your first foray into the fetish world, it’s best to choose the blindfold or mask that speaks to your preferences. But it’s always wise to choose something comfortable, such as the cozy mask included in the JimmyJane Darker Shade of Sexy Collection. 

Darker Shade of Sexy Collection | No Longer Available

Once you sample bondage play, you’ll long for more products to seduce your senses. To take things to the next level, try incorporating handcuffs, bondage rope, whips, paddles… the options are unlimited! So are the material choices. Whips and paddles can incorporate elements from satin and velvet, to metal and leather for more advanced play. To sample metal, feather, and leather-like textures, I recommend the Adora Gold Beginner’s Fantasy Restraint Kit. The plush mask has a soft lining that feels like sheer indulgence when it lies over your tender eyelids. The paddle can be used to caress the skin in addition to love taps. The stylishly sexy gold cuffs have a beginner-friendly, quick release button. (Fun tip – Why not wear them on one wrist as a bracelet? Your date will respond to this seductive visual foreplay with absolute delight!)

Adora Gold Beginner's Fantasy Restraint Kit

$40.00 | No Longer Available

Bondage can become a lifestyle for many, a habit to be enjoyed over and over again. And that’s when you need certain items of sustainable quality and sturdy details. Might I suggest the Body Play Spinning Sex Swing as a sex play product that you and your partner will return to again and again? The feeling of weightless sex play, combined with restraint elements, can be exhilarating! This Body Play Spinning Sex Swing is crafted with the utmost attention to quality. Consider the Body Play Sex Swing Stand as the perfect complement to your swing itself. The combination of these products can turn any room in your home into a bondage playground!

Sex Swing Harness and Sex Swing Frame

Swing | $144.00 | No Longer Available

Stand | $389.00 | No Longer Available

JimmyJane has several bondage staples such as cuffs, harnesses and restraints. These items cater to sophisticated tastes and to satisfy kinky cravings for novices and connoisseurs alike!

*Prices subject to change.