Glass Toys & Temperature Play

If you thought solo sex couldn't get any better, wait until you experience entirely new sensations with glass toys and temperature play. Glass dildos are already pretty sexy—they offer a super-smooth glide, added textures feel even more prominent, and the luminous look alone is absolutely stunning. But get ready to take it up a notch with temperature play and you'll experience pleasure unlike you ever have before!

water being poured into small oval glass cup

Temperature play is really quite simple — all you need is a bowl and some water. For cold temperature play, use your coldest tap or refrigerator water. You can add just a few ice cubes if you'd like, but we don't recommend placing a toy directly in the freezer. For warm temperature play, use hot tap water. We do not recommend using boiling water. Then, simply submerge your glass toy in the bowl of water for a few minutes and BAM! You're ready for an internal temperature change and incredible pleasure!

Clarity Dildo 3

Clarity Dildo 3 | $64.99


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