Review Roundup: JimmyJane Iconic Bullet One Touch Vibrator

Its unintimidating form and obvious ease-of-use make the JimmyJane Iconic Bullet a very popular first-time vibrator. Both powerful and discreet, it makes a welcome addition to any glove compartment, handbag or carry-on. Its attractive design and budget-friendly price makes the Iconic Bullet the perfect pocket companion. But don't just take our word for it - hear from the experts:


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The Best Budget Sex Toy for Couples: JimmyJane Iconic Bullet One Touch Vibrator
The Bullet has earned its reputation for good reason: It's small enough to tuck into a pocket and take anywhere, and it's made by one of the highest-quality sex-toy companies in the game, JimmyJane). Opting for the Bullet is like getting your socks from Ralph Lauren. Sure, you could grab some from Hanes, but the few dollars extra is worth the added comfort.


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With three different speeds to choose from, this lil guy packs a vibrating punch without you worrying about people in the hallway snickering at the chainsaw-like buzzing coming from your room. Plus, if you want to graduate to less discreet sex toys, you can fit this bullet into a ring or dildo.


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This super affordable and very compact Jimmyjane ICONIC Vibrator might not look impressive, but it actually packs plenty of punch. It has three speed settings, all of which will make your clitoris *very* happy (trust me — this was the first bullet vibe that I ever bought as a broke college student).

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