Intimate Health Benefits of Menstrual Cups

By Sunny Rodgers, ACS, Clinical Sexologist and Sexual Health & Wellness Educator

Menstrual cups are gaining popularity because they don't contain chemicals, bleaches, or fibers that can cause sensitivity or allergic reactions. Soft, flexible menstrual cups can be worn during sex play, making the experience less messy if desired. And, using menstrual cups will save you money. According to 1 Million Women, up to 20 tampons are used per cycle equaling 240 tampons a year. If a box of 18 tampons costs roughly AUD $5.50, that’s AUD $72 per year that can be reduced by using reusable products – and that savings can be used to purchase something more fun for intimate enjoyment, such as personal massagers.

Intimate self-care is important to maintain a healthy relationship with yourself as it produces positive feelings and boosts your confidence and self-esteem. JimmyJane Menstrual Cups offer a sustainable solution for period care. According to a 2016 global market research report by Allied Market Research, the feminine hygiene and care products market is estimated to reach a value of $32 Billion by 2022, making JimmyJane Menstrual Cups perfectly poised for this period of rapid growth and popularity.

Menstrual Cups are Reusable Care

Menstrual Cups have been around as long as tampons but are not as widely used. Menstrual cups were developed with easy everyday use in mind, offering convenience, comfort, and confidence for overall active lifestyles and wellbeing. While most are bell-shaped menstrual cups are made of flexible rubber, latex or, silicone that can be reused after thorough cleaning, JimmyJane opted for 100% FDA-cleared silicone.

Mindful Menstruation

Menstrual awareness can lead to better overall sexual health and wellness. That “time of the month” is a good time to mindfully nourish yourself and tune into your body and its’ needs. For many, the first day of your period is the most uncomfortable. PMS, bloating, cravings, and cramps can drain your reserves and drain your energy. This is when relaxing and taking it easy is most important for your overall health.

4 Tips to Help with Period Pain

1. As reported in my The Sex Ed essay, Female Orgasm 101, Orgasms release pain-relieving endorphins that can help relieve period aches.

2. Five Seasons Healing shares that Peppermint and Ginger Tea specifically support menstruation and can help ease period cramps.

3. U.S. National Library of Medicine, National Institutes of Health research shows that Reducing Fat & Increasing Healthy Vegetables can ease the intensity of PMS and cramps.

4. Aromatic Essential Oils – specifically Lavender, Clary Sage or Marjoram – can be massaged onto your stomach to ease menstrual cramps, according to gynecological research.

Masturbation is Important During Your Period

Orgasms can help ease period pain, as well as stress. When you orgasm, your body releases dopamine and oxytocin, which are natural pain relievers. Orgasms can relax you and help you sleep better. Plus, masturbation can help draw blood to your pelvic area, which in turn will help improve your circulation. This can aid in easing menstrual cramps.

Menstrual Cups are Perfect for Busy Lifestyles

Today’s lifestyles are busy and diverse. JimmyJane’s pure silicone menstrual cups offer a custom solution for your unique, active lifestyle.

Both sizes of JimmyJane Menstrual Cups were created with the intimate female body in mind - the bell-shaped curves hug contours, while the fuller, ergonomic rim was designed to prevent any type of leakage. And, they’re conveniently flexible for easy insertion. And, those tiny holes around the rim of each JimmyJane menstrual cup are strategic anti-suction holes that allow for a gentle break of seal suction to make removing your cup simple.

JimmyJane Menstrual Cups are Progressive period care, by design. Consciously convenient, mindfully reusable, and efficiently eco-friendly – everything needed in a top-performing menstrual cup.

How are Menstrual Cups Used?

Here are 4 easy steps covering the recommended care of JimmyJane Menstrual Cups.

How to Clean Menstrual Cups?

Step 1: Clean Your Cups Prior to use, menstrual cups need to be thoroughly cleaned. Deep cleaning with boiling water is suggested for before and after each monthly cycle. When using JimmyJane’s silicone menstrual cups, we recommend submerging cups in an open pot of clean, boiling water for 5-10 minutes.

JimmyJane Menstrual Cups are designed to be worn up to 10-12 consecutive hours at a time, which is convenient for all day and overnight wear if preferred. Continual wear is also helpful for light flow days.

For complete comfort and peace of mind, emptying, washing and reinserting your cup 2-3 times daily for a regular to heavy flow is suggested.

Daily Cleaning

By monitoring the fullness of your cup you will soon learn how often it needs to be emptied.

Upon removal of your cup, empty contents and rinse with cold water. Next, rinse with warm water and, if desired, use a mild, fragrance-free soap to cleanse your cup. Rinse well with warm water prior to reinsertion.

The small anti-suction holes should be kept clear of debris in order to function properly. Gently stretch the holes under warm running water to keep holes clean.

It’s not necessary to remove your cup before urinating or having a bowel movement.

If you are unable to wash your cup after removal, wash your hands thoroughly before removing your cup, empty the contents in the toilet, and use a dry or damp tissue to clean your cup before reinserting. When convenient, clean as instructed. When traveling, always use safe drinking water to wash your cup.

PLEASE NOTE: Do not use vinegar, tea tree oil, scented soap, castile/peppermint soap, oil-based soap, rubbing alcohol, antibacterial soap, hand sanitizer, pre-moistened wipes, dish soap, hydrogen peroxide, bleach or any harsh chemicals which may cause damage to the silicone and/or cause skin irritation. When boiling your cup for deep cleansing, do not leave the boiling pot unattended. If your cup is burned or damaged, your cup may be unusable and should be replaced.

Step 2: Wash Your Hands

Prior to insertion, thoroughly wash your hands with warm water and a mild, fragrance-free soap.

Step 3: Insertion

For first-time users, it’s recommended to wear your menstrual cup during the day to become comfortable with positioning, insertion, and removal prior to wearing it overnight.

  • For bell-shaped menstrual cups such as these, use both hands and position the stem pointing downward. Flatten the cup and fold the sides of the cup together to form a “U” shape. Or, for a smaller insertion surface, place a finger on the top rim of the cup and press it down into the center of the inside base to form a triangle.
  • Once folded, hold firmly in the folded position with one hand.
  • Get into a comfortable position for insertion and mindfully relax your vaginal muscles.
  • Very gently separate your labia with your free hand and insert your menstrual cup into your vaginal canal. Take care to direct it toward your tailbone and not directly towards your cervix.
  • Cups have a tendency to open before completely inserted. This is normal.
  • Continue to insert towards your tailbone (at the base of your spine) until the menstrual cup stem is even with the vaginal opening and is not protruding.
  • Do not push the tip of the stem further than ½ inch into the vaginal canal because this will hinder removal and may cause leakage.

Step 4: Customize Your Fit

Once your menstrual cup is inserted in the proper position, it’s important to rotate the cup 360 degrees to ensure that it’s completely open and placement is secure. This aids in a more comfortable and effective fit.

How Do I Store or Travel with My JimmyJane Menstrual Cup?

Your JimmyJane Menstrual Cup comes with a designer storage bag that offers breathable storage to deter bacteria. At the end of your cycle, thoroughly wash, rinse and allow your cup to air dry completely prior to storing. Do not store your cup in a plastic bag or airtight container.