Self-Care with JimmyJane

JimmyJane isn't just a sexual pleasure brand, it's a sexual wellness brand. We know that feeling good matters in and out of the bedroom, so here are a few ideas for incorporating intimate health and wellness into your regular self-care routine.


1. Solo Massage with Afterglow Massage Oil Candles 
$34.99 | Buy Now

Give yourself a quick neck massage with our super-silky Afterglow Massage Oil Candles. Sure you can poke and prod just fine with dry fingers, but make it a more effective massage with massage oil––then your fingers can really slip smoothly across the skin, allowing for deeper stimulation.

2. Bath Time Fun with ASCEND 1
$99.99 | BUY NOW

This compact vibe is small enough to hide in your palm as you slip into the bathroom and no one will ever know! The discrete size and pebble shape makes it super easy to use whether you're standing in the shower or lying in the tub. It's great for use during sex with partners too!

3. Upgrade Your Monthly Routine with Menstrual Cups
$39.99 | BUY NOW

Better for your body and the environment. Avoid the questionable ingredients of pads and tampons for our body-safe silicone Menstrual Cups. The curved shape comfortably fits the contours of the body, while the anti-suction holes allow for a gentle break of the air-tight seal. Each pack comes with two different sized cups to accommodate various bodies and flows.