Top 10 Best Sellers of 2018

#10. Menstrual Cups

$39.99 | BUY NOW

Strategically designed for a woman's body, the bell-shaped curves hug contours while the fuller, ergonomic rim prevents leakage. It's conveniently flexible for easy insertion and removing it couldn’t be simpler thanks to the anti-suction holes, allowing for a gentle break of suction.

#9. Ruby Rabbit

$139.99 | BUY NOW

Unlike other rabbit vibrators, the ears on the Ruby Rabbit are sealed together, creating a large surface area that tingles against the clitoris for overwhelming simultaneous stimulation. Made of silicone. 

#8. Glo Rabbit Waterproof Heating Vibrator

$139.99 | BUY NOW

This vibe is the first of its kind to incorporate a warming sensation on the inside with a fluttering clitoral stimulator on the outside. The flexible Shape adapts to your body for the best in internal and clitoral stimulation. Made of silicone. 

#7. Focus Sonic Vibrator

$159.99 | BUY NOW

This pinpoint stimulator boasts 31,000 vibrations per minute. It's powered by a reverberating electromagnetic pulse to create vibrations that are simultaneously gentle and super powerful.

#6. Iconic Bullet

$39.99 | BUY NOW

A very popular first-time vibrator. Both powerful and discreet, it makes a welcome addition to any glove compartment, handbag, or carry-on. 

#5. Intro 4

No Longer Available

Intro 4 has redefined this classic profile with a powerful compact motor and sleek new shape. The narrow hourglass figure is curved for comfort to provide deep internal or external stimulation. Made of silicone. 

JimmyJane INTRO 4 Slim Smoothie Vibrator 

#4. Ascend 1

$99.99 | BUY NOW

This slim silicone vibrator provides powerful direct clitoral stimulation. The pebble shape fits perfectly into the palm of your hand and the curve cusps the contours of the body, making it perfect for use during sex.

#3. Essentials

No Longer Available

This convenient, compact kit has all the necessities for any rendezvous. Two condoms, a water-based lubricant, and a pair of mints to share. Add Essentials to your repertoire (or handbag, glove compartment, back pocket, or carry-on) and expect the unexpected.


#2. Form 2

$169.99 | BUY NOW

Recently named one of the "best vibrators ever", the Form 2 is specifically designed to provide powerful, fully-encompassing clitoral stimulation. It has two motors—one in each flexible ear—allowing you to pinch, squeeze, and surround the clitoris with sensation. Made of silicone. 

#1. Contour M Massage Stone

$44.99 | BUY NOW

This ceramic massage stone provides multi-point stimulation on one side and deep massage on the other. The polished surface easily slides and the ergonomic shape reduces strain. Can be warmed or cooled. 

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