Top 3 Couples Vibes

#3. Love Pods - OM
$129.99 | BUY NOW
Perfect for clit stimulation or deep muscle massage, the OM vibe's rumbling vibrations begin at the base and then grow and convene at the tip for intense, pinpoint pleasure.
#2. ASCEND 1
$99.99 | BUY NOW

The slim pebble shape fits snug into the palm of your hand while the curved underside cusps to the contours of the body for convenient and comfortable use during sex with a partner.

#1. FORM 5

No Longer Available

The ultimate couples' vibe!


The versatile FORM 5 is perfect for both clitoral and frenulum stimulation. The fluttering wings tickle and tease while the inner dome offers deep, rumbling vibrations. Check out the diagram below for all the ways that you and your partner can share this truly unique vibe.