Top 3 Unique Sex Toys

#3. Clarity 14 | $59.99

What makes Clarity 14 so unique? It's a paperweight! No, it's a wine stopper! No... it's a butt plug! Yes, for real this time! Next to the smaller pink floral plug the Clarity 11, this red rose glass plug is the cutest way to explore the pleasures of anal stimulation. Try it in conjunction with your favorite vibe, or even with a partner, and you'll experience enhanced pleasure and heightened climaxes unlike ever before.


#2. Apex | $179.99

What makes the Apex so unique? Suction AND licking AND vibration all. at. once. Need we say more? This revolutionary pleasure device uses multi-faceted functions for a one-of-a-kind experience. The suction promotes blood flow which heightens sensitivity and creates a vacuum seal that pulls the device closer for more direct tongue stimulation. The tongue wiggles up and down to simulate oral pleasure and comes with a textured sleeve for added stimulation. Nothing has gone unthought with this top seller⁠—even the handle vibrates for use as an internal vibe!


#1. FORM 5 | No Longer Available

What makes FORM 5 so unique? It's truly a vibrator for everyone. This gender-neutral stimulator was strategically designed for use on any erogenous zone. Two micro-thin, supple wings provide all-encompassing sensation, while the firm pleasure dome in the center features a motor right at its tip to deliver serious, rumbling vibrations.