Seeing Fireworks: Top 4 Items for an Explosive Climax

#4. Element MS

$99.00 | No Longer Available

Element MS Vibrator

 This sleek stroker was specifically designed to stimulate the penile equivalent of the clitoris—the frenulum. The supple FlexFit wings wrap right around, allowing for a personalized fit and adjustable pressure. Add lubricant, turn on the vibration, and get ready for the best handjob of your life!

#3. FORM 8

$199.99 | No Longer Available

Form 8 Vibrator

The FORM 2 is our all-time #1 best-seller. The rabbit-style vibe is the world's most famous type of vibrator. Put them together and what do you get? The. Best. Vibe. Rator. EVER!! More pleasure is always better and the FORM 8 delivers that with a powerful silicone vibrator and FORM 2-style clit stimulator that fills you with intense vibrations while also surrounding your clit with dual stimulation.

#2. Saturn Cock Ring with Plug

$21.99 | BUY NOW

Made entirely from silky-smooth silicone, this wearable plug doubles as a performance-enhancing cock ring that helps prolong ejaculation by maintaining a tight squeeze. Wear it during sex—pleasure is beyond intensified when you experience simultaneous prostate stimulation. The thumb-like plug presses directly against the prostate with each thrust. You'll never want sex without the Saturn again!

#1. Apex

$179.99 | BUY NOW


Simultaneous suction, licking, and vibration—what more could you want?! We all know what to expect from licking and vibration, but do you know about the wonders of suction? Suction promotes blood flow, making the entire area incredibly sensitive, including the clitoris, which also becomes more erect for easier access and more pleasure. PS: Her Ultimate Pleasure even vibrates on the opposite end (the handle), offering endless opportunities for pleasure!

*Prices and product are subject to change.