Top 5 Most Powerful Pleasure Products

#5. Moto-Bator

$119.99 | No Longer Available


Enjoy the ultimate hands-free experience with intense suction and powerful thrusting that can be enjoyed both together and separately. The powerful motor ensures a strong, steady vacuum for a snug suck, while the sleeve features supple lips and rows of pleasure nubs that surround you with super-soft stimulation.

#4. FORM 2

$169.99 | BUY NOW

Our #1 bestselling product ever! The revolutionary, compact design offers more intense vibrations than any other product of its size. Each flexible ear is internally powered for dynamic stimulation and the unique shape offers a versatile array of uses.

#3. FORM 8

$199.00 | No Longer Available

Form 8 Vibrator

With three powerful motors, FORM 8 provides the ultimate in simultaneous internal and external pleasure. Modeled after our #1 selling FORM 2, the flexible, individually-powered ears offer stronger clit stimulation than any other rabbit on the market. It's also the world’s first flexible rabbit—it bends to match the shape of your body and hit all the right spots.

#2. Vibrating Roto-Sucker

$91.00 | No Longer Available

Vibrating Roto-Sucker

The Vibrating Roto-Sucker offers an incredible combination of intense vibration and suction that's strategically designed to stimulate the most sensitive area of the penis. Created with smooth, flexible silicone, the swiveling suction head is formed for a snug fit, and the ultra-strong motor specifically stimulates the frenulum along the underside of the penis for mind-blowing pleasure.

#1. Focus Sonic Vibrator

$129.00 | BUY NOW

A sonic motor operates at a super-high frequency, providing 31,000 vibrations per minute for the ultimate climactic experience. The pinpoint sonic tip precisely delivers highly concentrated vibrations across 4 intensity levels, while the 3 silicone head attachments allow for pleasure customization to your specific desires.

*Prices and availability are subject to change.