Valentine's Gift Guide

Target zone: Clit | Suggested use: Solo | Level: Beginner/Intermediate

2019 marked the 10-year anniversary of this then-revolutionary, now-essential vibe that arguably made JimmyJane the globally recognized brand that it is today. The FORM 2 has consistently remained our #1 best-selling item thanks to its dynamic clit stimulators and compact design. With two powerful motors in each ear, it delivers more intense vibrations than any other vibrator of its size. The flexible ears can be squeezed to adjust the pressure and intensity as it surrounds the clit for all-encompassing pleasure. Impress them with the sleek black 24k gold luxury edition.

Target zone: Clit, vulva, vagina | Suggested use: Solo | Level: Advanced 

The 2019 sex toy of the year! After just being released this year, it quickly made its way up our top sellers list… and for good reason! With simultaneous suction, licking, and vibration, the JJ Apex is truly unlike anything else on the market. Even the handle vibrates for internal stimulation. See it in action in this video. Impress them with the red 24k gold luxury edition.

Target zone: Clit | Suggested use: Partner | Level: Beginner

 The slim pebble shape fits snug into the palm of your hand while the curved underside cusps to the contours of the body for convenient and comfortable use during sex with a partner. It’s even small enough to discreetly take into the shower and easily maneuver whether you’re standing in the shower or lying in the tub.

No Longer Available

Target zone: Frenulum | Suggested use: Solo, Partner | Level: Intermediate

 Element MS Stroker

This unique silicone stroker was specifically designed to stimulate the frenulum, which is the male equivalent of the clitoris. To maximize sensory experience, place the extra strong motor against the sensitive erogenous zone along the underside of the penis. The supple FlexFit wings wrap around and allow for a personalized fit and adjustable pressure. It’s also perfect for use in combination with oral sex.

Vibrating Roto-Sucker
No Longer Available

Target zone: Frenulum, head | Suggested use: Solo | Level: Advanced

Vibrating Roto-Sucker

The Vibrating Roto-Sucker offers an incredible combination of intense vibration and suction that’s strategically designed to stimulate the most sensitive area of the penis. Created with smooth, flexible silicone, the swiveling suction head is formed for a snug fit, and the ultra-strong motor specifically stimulates the frenulum along the underside of the penis for mind-blowing pleasure.

No Longer Available

Target zone: Clit, vulva, frenulum, scrotum, nipples | Suggested use: Solo, Partner | Level: Intermediate

 The versatile FORM 5 is perfect for clitoral and frenulum stimulation, as well as other erogenous zones like the nipples. The fluttering wings tickle and tease while the inner dome offers deep, rumbling vibrations. 


Target zone: Clit, G-Spot, perineum | Suggested use: Solo | Level: Intermediate

The Jubilee 1 titillates the clitoris, G-Spot, and perineum with a ridable design and rechargeable remote control. Internally, it is gently curved to match intimate contours and the positioning strap puts you in command to control the rocking, grinding, and movement. Two uber-strong motors vibrate in unison to double your fun.

Bondage Teaser Kit
No Longer Available
Target zone: Skin, wrists, eyes | Suggested use: Partner | Level: Intermediate
Bondage Teaser Kit
Turn your bedroom into an erotic playground with this first-timers Bondage Teaser Kit. Everything you need to explore your fetish fantasies is included in this kit: a beaded whip, feather tickler, cat-o-nine tails, furry cuffs, and satin love mask. The possibilities are endless… and so is the fun!
Target zone: Skin | Suggested use: Solo, Partner | Level: Intermediate

Our coveted candles engage all the senses. Light to enjoy its scent, then drizzle the warm oil on the skin for the perfect start to an unforgettable massage or a hydrating treat after a bath. Available scents include Vanilla Sandalwood, Berry Blossom, and Mystic Mango. *Prices and product availability are subject to change.