Year of Self-Care: Spring Cleaning!

Spring cleaning is a lot like New Year's Resolutions but for home care. We pump ourselves up for months, anticipating the days or even weeks that we'll spend feverishly cleaning our homes until they're the cleanest they've ever been cleaned—and we'll totally keep up with it the whole year through, certainly after all of this effort, right?

Well... We won't say that we don't believe in you, but we do offer a unique creation that makes bedtime cleanup quicker and easier than anything else that's ever graced your bedside (hold for laugh).

Behold—the Pure UV Sanitizing Mood Light.

This short 10 minute light bath is scientifically proven to sanitize surface area better than any other method. The inside of the Pure UV is completely reflective so that the UV light bounces around to completely encompass your vibe. UV-C sanitizing is chemical-free and the most dependable way to keep your product completely bacteria-free--it's even used in tattoo shops, restaurants, and hospitals.

Form 2 and Love Pod Tre with Pure UV Sanitizer



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