JimmyJane PURE UV Sanitizing Mood Light Plus FORM 2
PURE UV Sanitizing Mood Light for FORM 2

PURE UV Sanitizing Mood Light Plus FORM 2



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Keep sanitation sexy with the PURE UV Sanitizing Mood Light Plus FORM 2! This pod offers aesthetically pleasing storage while simultaneously charging and sanitizing your toy.

Just place your FORM 2 in the Sanitizing Pod and let it clean your toy for its next use. The purple glow from the PURE mood light creates a relaxing and sensual atmosphere.

Surround yourself with the seductive vibrations you deserve — two flexible ears with revolutionary independent motors. The FORM 2’s award-winning compact design will powerfully massage, pinch and intuitively tease your clitoris, reaching new levels of euphoric climax while empowering the journey of your overall well-being.

  • Sleek, modern container design blends discretely with any interior
  • Purple LED mood generates no heat and sanitizes in ten minutes
  • Contact charges the FORM 2 in the cradle
  • Includes two holsters compatible with all LOVE PODS as well as all FORM 2 models
  • The unique design surrounds sensitive areas with concentrated vibrations
  • Dual motors offer powerful, fulfilling vibrations
  • Choose between four high-performing vibration modes and five intensity levels for your every mood
  • Great for clitoral stimulation

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