Set the mood with a sensual massage using aromatic massage oil candles and vibrating massagers to tease and tantalize.

A massage wand can be used for foreplay, penetration, and even as a soothing massager because they produce tremendous stimulation and powerful vibrations.

Partners can alternate utilizing a massage wand when you're just getting going. There are many options you can explore, from massaging all over to teasing with subtle sensations.

Using a wand vibrator during sex depends on what you want. You can use it to increase excitement during penetration, then ease off before you get off. This tug of war can create a lot of anticipation and be very exciting. If you want an explosive, mind-blowing orgasm, use a massage wand to stroke your clitoris before and during the climax.

Now that you have your little oasis set up, we can move on to how to give the perfect massage.

1. Apply a generous dollop of massage oil to your hands and rub them together to warm up the oil.

2. Start slowly and begin somewhere that isn't too sensitive. We like to start with the temples.

3. Depending on the area you're working on, you can rub, stroke or press.

4. No need to rush, letting the internal excitement build as your touch progresses all over the body.

5. Just remind your partner good things come to those who wait.

6. Don't forget those neglected areas like the fingers, wrists, face, back of the neck, inside the elbows and behind the knees. Stimulate the scalp with the tips of your fingers and apply light pressure between the eyes and across the eyebrows. Your loved one will appreciate your attention to detail.

If the goal is to give your beloved a happy ending, consider coconut oil, since it can be used as a sexual lubricant.

Creating the right ambiance is key to an erotic evening.

The perfect place:

Wherever you choose to have your sensual encounter, make sure it's a place that's calm, serene, and free of any clutter. That way, you can relax and focus on each other.

Set the Music:

Queue up a playlist that will put your partner in the right frame of mind. Make sure it's commercial-free!

Bath to Relax:

If you want to give the gift of anticipation, draw a bath while you set things up. That way, they'll be nice and relaxed, and you can get excited about what's coming.

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Dim the Light:

Next, it's time to bust out the candles. Place a few around the room in areas where you won't have to worry about accidents. Make sure they have aromas that complement the oils you're using to add another layer of scented sensuality. Plus, candlelight is extremely flattering on the body — providing a nice feast for the eyes.