FAQ | Toy Lubricant

What is the best lubricant for sex toys?

JimmyJane's premium FDA cleared Toy Lubricant is used to enhance and empower your most intimate experiences. This thick, water-based formula is specifically designed to be used with adult toys. Its luxuriously long-lasting sensation will dramatically escalate your pleasure solo, or with a partner.

Can I use silicone lubricant on a silicone sex toy?

The silicones products can bond together and transfer between products. That action can ruin your product faster. We do not recommend using silicone lubricant to clean your sex toy.

What type of lubricant works best with your toys?

All of our lubricants are premium, non-irritating FDA cleared formulas — which means they're quality enough to use at a doctor's office. Our JimmyJane Intimate Lubricant is water-based and so is our JimmyJane Toy Lubricant which is a slightly thicker formulation specifically designed for toy play. For anal play, we recommend using our silicone-based lubricant with non-silicone toys or any of our other water-based lubricants. Experiment with our water-based JimmyJane Sensation Lubricant for a tingling experience.