JimmyJane Celebrates

Women's History Month

As we celebrate incredible, groundbreaking women in pleasure and rights, we're reminded that the more we normalize sex positivity, the healthier, happier (and hotter) our lives will be.


We are donating and supporting Global Fund for Women, and are proud to support the mission of supporting bold, ambitious, and expansive gender justice movements.

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Joani Blank

Orgasm advocate and sex toy promoter Joani Blank was one of the first women in America to open a feminist-leaning sex toy shop in 1977 called Good Vibrations. It was worlds apart from most male-dominated sex toy shops with covered windows and video porn booths — she proudly displayed her vibrators in broad daylight. She trained her staff to be open with customers about anatomy, sex and sexual health.   

Before opening Good Vibrations, Blank worked at UCSF’s medical school with women who had difficulty reaching orgasm, where she was a massive advocate of vibrator usage. We can thank Blank for revolutionizing the adult toy space and making it safe for women to be more open about their journey with pleasure and sexual health.   

Look out for more stories on groundbreaking, sex-positive women in our Women In Pleasure series — all Women’s History Month long. 

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Ross has stated that she believes white women have predominately led the feminist movement. These women have primarily focused on issues such as reproductive choice and abortion rights. Their focused agenda also includes equal pay, birth control access, voting rights, and more.

One of her main goals in life is to educate Americans about often overlooked injustices, promote accountability, and address abuses of power and disenfranchisement.

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Women's For Science

Virginia E. Johnson

She developed polygraph-like instruments designed to measure sexual arousal in humans. With that tool, she observed and counted about 700 men and women who agreed to engage in sexual activity with other participants or masturbate in a laboratory. 

By observing these subjects, Johnson helped the gynecologist William H. Masters identify the four stages of sexual response. This came to be known as the human sexual response cycle. The cycle consists of the excitement phase, plateau phase, orgasmic phase, and resolution phase. In 1964, Masters and Johnson established their own independent nonprofit research institution in St. Louis called the Reproductive Biology Research Foundation. The center was renamed the Masters and Johnson Institute in 1978.

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We are Here to Support Women's Emotional and Physical Health

One of the most significant days of the year is here: International Women's Day. It is not only a day to highlight how far we have come, but also a call to arms to show how far we still have to go for equal rights.

At JimmyJane, today symbolizes a time to celebrate our bodies, pleasure, and sexual freedom. Now that we're breaking taboos and leaving gender discrimination in the past, women can explore the total limits of their happiness. All that being said, there is still a lot left to fight for.

This International Women's Day, take a closer look at women's sexual empowerment history with JimmyJane. Together, let us learn how to prioritize the mental, physical and sexual wellness of women worldwide.

International Women’s Day 2022: We’ve Come a Long Way

March 8th marks International Women's Day, a worldwide holiday every year. Since the Suffragettes first celebrated it in 1908, we've come a long way — but not as far you'd think. 

The 2017 Global Gender Gap Report found that women won't reach true equality for another 200 years

With global movements like #MeToo, the ongoing conversation about pay equality, and the unfair expectations placed on women's bodies, there's no shortage of issues that have yet to be overcome. 

Before we have a chance to appreciate how far we've come, it's time to take a look behind us. In the old days, men had complete power over women's lives, including what happened in bed. From careers to family planning, women's options were limited. Until recently, it was considered highly taboo even to consider women's self-pleasure. Instead of being active participants in sex, women were seen as just a part of men's pleasure.

The Ongoing Fight for Equal Pleasure

While women have more control over their lives than ever, that doesn't mean the equality problem is solved. Women are still living with the aftermath of old-school expectations, and they're affecting everything from the way women experience pleasure to how they view their bodies.

In one study, 60% of women said they thought they were too heavy and were self-conscious about their weight. Another 20% said they found themselves unattractive. The way women see their bodies can significantly impact how they feel and express desire in the bedroom. It's one of the most significant barriers to sexual enjoyment for women.

Beyond the issue of body image, the bedroom is just another place where women are saying they're not getting an equal shot. Take the orgasm gap, for example. Simply put, the orgasm gap is the difference between how men and women have orgasms in bed. About 95% of straight men report always having an orgasm during sex. Compared to 89% of gay men and 86% of lesbians. But here's the kicker: Only 65% of straight women always have an orgasm during sex. This number drops even lower when looking at casual hookups: Only 40% of women orgasm. 

This number drops even lower when looking at casual hookups: Only 40% of women orgasm. 

The Push for Sexual Liberation 

international women's day products

It's hard not to feel like the future is bleak with stats like these, but that's hardly the case! For decades, women have been breaking down barriers in the workplace, the home, and the bedroom to pave the way for progress. More women are embracing their sexual freedom than ever before. In the face of inequalities, it's more important than ever that women fight for the right to equal pleasure. 

From the orgasm gap to unfair body expectations, there's no reason why women should be feeling this way about sex. Women are powerful creatures — beautiful, robust, and tenacious beings. Their bodies are capable of so much — from creating new life to experiencing mind-blowing sexual pleasure. 

How do women start to reclaim their sex lives? Let's explore the world of women's pleasure liberation.

Women and Pleasure 

Our society has upheld some pervasive myths about women and pleasure for a long time. Men wanted sex, while women tolerated it.

But all these myths deserve to be left behind. Women's bodies are all about pleasure. Did you know that a woman can orgasm for up to 2 minutes? That's compared to men who do the same at about 10 seconds. Some women can even experience multiple orgasms. As more and more women get in tune with their bodies and figure out what they want in the bedroom, there's no limit to where women can take their sexual liberation. 

The Rise of Sex Toys 

Access to the classic vibrator wand revolutionized the world of sexual wellness for women in the 1970s. Since then, sex toys have developed to include everything you could imagine, from bullet vibes to clitorial suction tools. Even today, sex toys continue to be a powerful tool for women. Nearly 80% of women said they had a vibrator at home. Another 25% said they used their sex toys several times a week.

By prioritizing female pleasure and the value of a woman's orgasm, sex toys are all about sexual agency. They put the control back into your hands — literally. 

How To Embrace Your Sexuality for Int’l Women’s Day

What better way to commemorate everything that makes women unique than by taking care of yourself, physically and mentally? Here are some steps you can take to embrace your sexuality this International Women's Day. 

1. Put Yourself First 

This International Women's Day, it's time you put yourself first. And yes, we're talking about masturbation.

There's no better time to defy those expectations and enjoy a night in with your favorite companion — your vibrator. Pleasuring yourself with sex toys goes so much further than relieving pent-up sexual energy. It has loads of physical and mental benefits, too. It can help you sleep better, lift your mood, and cut down on stress. 

Are you not feeling in the mood for self-pleasure? It's just as important to honor sexual wellness in other ways. Light a candle, indulge in some massage oil or put on a face mask for a relaxing night. 

2. Buy a New Sex Toy

international women day

If you've always wanted to try a sex toy or want to experiment with something new, there's no better time to do so. Just remember: There's no one way to experience a pleasure. The vibrator your best friend swears is amazing might not do it for you — look for something that gets you excited.

3. Push To Close the Orgasm Gap

If you're having sex this International Women's Day, it's time to fight for what you deserve. Both partners should end the session feeling satisfied. 

So much of the orgasm gap comes down to a lack of communication and education. Make sure to communicate with your partner about what feels good and doesn't. If something isn't working for you, tell them. Need some extra help? Sex toys can add some extra stimulation for those struggling to climax. 

4. Embrace the Power of Your Body 

If you think about it, your body is pretty incredible. Think about all the things your body can experience and remember: the feelings, the pleasure, and the stimulation. 

The next time you're in the mood to explore your body, it's time to embrace it. Learn the way your body moves and how it responds. Find what gives you pleasure — not for someone else and not for society, but you. 

5. Celebrate Sex Positivity

There are so many ways to celebrate sex-positivity. And that goes so far beyond just having sex! It's all about celebrating the beauty in yourself, your body, your worth, and your power. 

No matter how you choose to celebrate International Women's Day, don't forget about sexual wellness. Embracing your sexuality and sexual self-worth can also play an essential role in your physical and mental health. 

Who Run the World? 

Happy International Women's Day! It's time to appreciate and honor how far we've come while still fighting for our right to equal pleasure. 

At JimmyJane, we're calling on women to take up space. Embrace the value of your pleasure. Sexual empowerment is sexy! It's time to take power into your own hands. Why not honor your sexuality with an empowering sex toy? Alone or with a partner, fight for your equal right to climax with one of our female-friendly sex toys.


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