Slippery When Wet: How To Have Shower Sex That's Steamy and Safe

Let us set the scene for you

The bathroom is hot and steamy. The pitter-patter of running water fills the air. Through the haze, you see two soapy, sexy people embracing, totally lost in ecstasy as they pleasure one another. No, this is not your favorite porn or Hollywood movie. It's a glimpse into your future!

We've come to guide you through one of the most enduring fantasies out there: how to have shower sex that's both safe and sensual. Get ready to make a scene...

What Is Shower Sex?

Shower sex can be anything you want it to be, whether you're looking for a sensuous warm-up act or an all-out oral sex bonanza — the sky is the limit. And for those who have tried to recreate this sultry situation to disappointing effect, fret not! Life-changing shower sex doesn't have to be exclusive to movies and TV shows.

shower sex

Can you have sex in the shower without feeling awkward or breaking your neck? The answer is absolutely, and you'll be surprised to hear that penetration isn't the be-all-end-all.

And for anyone wondering "is shower sex bad when I'm on my period?" — know that it's anything but! Sharing a sexy shower is one of the best ways to fit worry-free kinks in during that time of the month.

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Getting Started

When it comes to getting saucy in the shower, it can't hurt to take a few precautions before you get down to business. No one wants to be left out in the cold, so make sure that you get the water running nice and hot before either of you step in.

Have all your soaps, lotions and lubes of choice at the ready. Water is great for a lot of things, but it simply doesn't cut it as lubrication.

Keep towels or robes nearby so that you don't have to shiver your way to the linen closet afterward. And if you want to go the extra mile, set the mood with your favorite love-making music.

Once you're in the water, one of the best ways to get going is to treat yourselves to washing each other. Much of the eroticism of being in the shower together comes from sensual touch. So take your time and let your muscles relax in the warm water while you soap up your erogenous areas.

Touch each other all over, massage shampoo into their scalp, caress sore muscles and have fun fooling around...

Is Shower Sex Safe?

How to have good shower sex depends on whether or not you feel safe and secure. Otherwise, neither you nor your partner will stand a chance at getting hot and bothered — you'll just be bothered. Here are a few important safety issues to consider while you fulfill your fantasy:

  1. Invest in a Good Bath Mat

You and your partner may have a great time soaping up and slipping your hands over each other, but the last thing either of you needs is a fall.

A shower mat puts a barrier between your feet and the tub, allowing you to get a firmer stance while you get into the groove. A second mat is a must for outside the shower, too. That way you can step out in safety and make your way to the bedroom for your second act.

2. Protection Is Paramount

While a shower may wash your worries away, it can't take the place of a contraceptive or prevent the spread of disease.

If you're wondering whether you can have sex in the shower with a condom, the answer is — hell yes! — so long as you use it right.

Condoms work in water but can be less effective if they slip around. By putting one on before you get in, you avoid awkward fumbling later. No matter the brand, the best condom is one that fits properly.

3. Keep It Clean

When you're sliding a sudsy loofah all over your beloved, it can be tempting to put it where the sun doesn't shine. You'll want to resist that urge if your partner has a vagina, as soaps, shower gels, shampoos and conditioners can all create problems down there.

4. Can shower sex cause infections?

Definitely. So reach for that lube you brought instead.

Speaking of lube, you have a few options in that department!

If you're using a latex condom, you'll want to steer clear of damaging substances like oils, bath products and petroleum jelly. Go with silicone or water-based lube instead. You'll have to use more than usual, though, and be aware that silicone-based lubes can make it easier to slip if you spill any.

Something like our JimmyJane Intimate Lubricant is a solid choice since it's water-based and plays well with condoms and shower sex toys (more on those later).



5. Simple Is Sexy

Hot and steamy sex in the shower is an adventure, but don't try to get too crazy when it comes to positions.

6. Simple is best

A good rule to go by is to keep at least three feet on the ground at all times. That still opens things up for plenty of saucy arrangements...

Get Your Sexy Time On

JimmyJane Form 2 vibrator vibrating

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JIMMYJANE officially released their newest version of the award-winning Form 2, now known as the Form 2 Pro. Now, whenever you want to explore your erogenous zones, take your new Form 2 Pro in the tub or shower and enjoy yourself.


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Assume the Position

How to have great shower sex depends on what you make of your steamy sessions. The tub can serve as the perfect place for foreplay before you move to another room.

Think clit rubbing, rectum tickling, nipple pinching and handjobs, oh my! But, if you're feeling daring, here are a few positions you can try:

Standing Doggy-Style

Just like it sounds. Perfect for anal and vaginal penetration or use with a luxe dildo, this position comes naturally to most. Feeling adventurous? Take your standing-doggy style to the next level by adding the Form 2 Pro to the mix. While you are using the Form 2 Pro to stimulate your clitoris, place your palm flat against the wall and bend your knees slightly. From here, your partner can penetrate you from behind vaginally or through anal insertion using their penis, fingers or sex toy giving you the best eye rolling orgasm you have ever experienced.

The Chairperson

This one is ideal for anyone who has a bench or chair nearby, but it can work with the edge of the tub, too. Have your partner take a seat and straddle their lap facing the opposite direction. Position yourself for vaginal or anal penetration and use the wall for extra leverage.

The Three-Legged Glide

It's almost as if this one was made for the shower.

One partner puts their back against the wall and brings the other between their legs, wrapping one around their hips. If that doesn't feel stable enough, they can position the leg over the edge of the tub instead. Then thrust like there's no tomorrow.

Using a higher ledge can also pave the way for deeper, more intense strokes...

Sex Toy Cleanliness

JimmyJane antibacterial spray being used to clean Form 2 Pro pink

Keep your toys clean as you would your body. Nobody wants to get sick after using a gross fancy sex toy. As part of maintaining the longevity of your Form 2 Pro, it is essential to always clean it before and after use.

JIMMYJANE recommends using a mild hand or dish soap—as long as it’s unscented along with sealing the freshness with their antibacterial toy cleaner. So long as you regularly clean your Form 2 Pro before and after use you will not only avoid bacteria in your body, but you will increase the lifetime usage for many pleasurable moments.



How to Clean your Sex Toy?

Communication Is Key

With the proper precautions, a little know-how and the right accessories, you can take shower sex from awkward encounter to full-blown fantasy. Just remember that consent and communication are the keys to an amazing experience. Tuning into your partner's wants and needs will allow you to fulfill both of your deepest desires.

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