Celebrating Yourself This Pride Month

Pride Month is something most of us are familiar with, but what exactly is it?

It's most commonly known as a month-long celebration of LGBTQ+ people and how far they've come, but JIMMYJANE believes that the meaning of June as the Pride Month runs far deeper than that. What better way to discover that meaning than by taking a closer look at the word "pride" itself?

A few dictionary definitions certainly relate to Pride Month, such as "delight or elation arising from some act, possession, or relationship," which can be attributed to our respect for LGBTQ+ people. There's also a showy or impressive group," which... yeah, that's definitely relevant. Anyone who's attended a Pride March can tell you that.

But there's one more definition that we believe is at the heart of Pride Month:

Reasonable or justifiable self-respect." In other words, pride in yourself. Self-love. 

We are Celebrating Pride Month, click here for more information about Love & Inclusivity.

JIMMYJANE wholeheartedly believes that this is the core pillar of Pride Month. All love begins with self-love, and only by learning to (truly) love yourself can you learn to love others. When people are compassionate for each other, they create inclusivity.

Sometimes, loving yourself can prove challenging. Everyone's got quirks and traits that may be embarrassing. Not accepting your own makes it harder to be proud of who you are. Comparing yourself to other people you admire may only make this feeling worse. So how do you overcome these hurdles and learn to love yourself?

Try attending any Pride Month celebration and looking at the people around you. In New York alone, you'll find about five million unique individuals that have come out to celebrate love and inclusivity. You won't find a "better" or "normal" person in that crowd because there's no such thing — everyone's unique! Those who participate in Pride Month don't just accept that but also celebrate that uniqueness in themselves and each other.

When you see how different everyone is, it makes you realize how special you are and how worthy of love you are, too. Once you understand this, it becomes easier to love and appreciate others. This is how we, as individuals and communities, become inclusive.

Why June is the Pride Month?

The first Pride March took place in New York on June 28, 1970. The date was the first anniversary of the Stonewall Riots, where demonstrators took to the streets for six days to protest a police raid at a gay bar in New York City's Greenwich Village. At this point in U.S. history, most states had a lot of backward laws restricting LGBTQ+ people and punishing establishments that served them. Stonewall was the first time hundreds of LGBTQ+ members challenged these laws, tired of being penalized for simply being themselves.

Since 1970, New York has hosted a Pride March almost every single year. Eventually, this march became bigger than just itself, and nowadays, the entire month of June is considered by many to be Pride Month. It's intended as a time for conversation, reflection and celebration of LGBTQ+ people and how much they've accomplished.

Those who have attended Pride marches find it hard to not be amazed by the spectacle. Ultimately, making June the Pride Month serves as a reminder that everyone has something unique to offer the world. This is why self-love is so important during Pride Month: when you love yourself, you're willing to bare yourself to the world so that others can see the beauty in you.

What the Pride Month Means to JIMMYJANE?

lesbian couple in love

JIMMYJANE strongly believes that knowing how to love yourself helps you love others. Loving others means their happiness is important to you — that you'd go the extra mile to make them feel loved. This is why getting to know someone is a necessary part of loving them.

Self-love works much the same way!

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As part of Pride Month celebrations, treat yourself to a sex toy from JimmyJane's wonderful selection and have the best orgasms possible. (You can give a future partner tips when the time comes!)

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Around the world, the stigma around sex toys is fading — the industry's now worth $7.1 billion in the U.S. alone. This is no small feat! And June being the Pride Month is one more step toward normalizing self-love.

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OutRight Action International

out right international logo

While it's important to spread positive, inclusive messages, those words need to be backed by tangible actions. For this reason, JIMMYJANE will donate a portion of every purchase to OutRight Action International, an organization promoting LGBTIQ rights around the world.

Based in New York and staffed in 10 countries, OutRight is a dedicated advocate for LGBTIQ people, particularly in regions where these communities lack rights. By researching potential threats, funding grassroots movements and speaking to global organizations like the United Nations, OutRight has a proven track record of creating a better world for LGBTIQ people.

Your purchase of JIMMYJANE products will help create inclusivity and acceptance by supporting OutRight's global efforts. Your toy of choice will also aid in your own self-love, which is where acceptance begins. Win-win!

Loving Yourself This Pride Month

While it's important to be proud of yourself, feeling that way isn't easy for everyone. Being yourself openly can make you feel vulnerable, uncomfortable and exposed. You might dislike certain things about yourself or fear being perceived differently. As valid as these feelings are, they're no reason to live life as anyone other than yourself. After all, there's no one capable of living your life and telling your story other than you.

This is what Pride Month is about: having the courage to be yourself in front of the world. Our differences shouldn't divide us. They're what define us and allow us to love one another. Those who celebrate Pride Month have all overcome their own challenges to be themselves for the world to see. The more you love yourself, the more others will love you. It falls on each individual to create an environment where everyone can freely love each other and themselves.


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