Sharing Is Caring: Sex Toys for Couples Guide

Even if you already incorporate sex toys in your daily life, you might be apprehensive or reluctant to ask your partner to include them. There are numerous advantages to introducing toys into your relationship, so it is worthwhile exploring. Certain toys or kits are designed specifically for you and your partner to share.

Why Use Sex Toys as a Couple?

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Are you looking for a way to spice up your sex life?

Whether it is a new flame or your current partner, sex toys help increase pleasure, excitement, and climax! 

Supercharge Foreplay

It's not always about penetration when it comes to sex toys. External vibrators, for example, are a great addition to foreplay. If your routine has become monotonous, touching your partner's erogenous regions can thrill them and spice things up.

Grow Closer With Your Partner

Sex toys allow you to see a new side of your partner. Watching your partner caressing their favorite toy can teach you new ways to turn them on and vice versa. It's also a lot of fun. 

Get a Better View

If watching your partner turns you on, employing sex toys to create intimacy, pleasure, and arousal is a great way to become closer to them. Observing them caress and move the toy over their bodies adds to watching your partner's enjoyment, excitement, and sensation. 

Feel More Sustained Pleasure

On the receiving end, sex toys can induce more sustained pleasure that is hard to achieve with a partner alone — while still being physically close to each other.

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Have More Comfortable Sex

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If you or your partner experience discomfort during penetration due to vaginismus, hypoactive sexual desire disorder, or other such conditions, sex toys can often help make sex pleasurable again. The toys' extra stimulation can relax vaginal muscles and promote natural lubrication

Feel Adventurous

Finally, try sex toys as a couple to embrace spontaneity. Cross a new frontier in your sex life. Even if it doesn't end up being your thing, you'll be glad you tried something new.

Best Types of Sex Toys for Partnered Sex  

While each sex toy has the potential to show up in your next rendezvous, some are better suited for sex with a partner than others.  

Sharing the Pleasure

Some couples use vibrating toys, such as a C-ring, which can stimulate both partners simultaneously. Experiencing a toy together makes your pleasure all the more satisfying.

Remote Control

Remote-controlled sex toys make your sex life more interactive. Tease your partner by adjusting the control settings based on their feedback. Remote control toys lend themselves well to dominance and submission play. With small external vibrators, depending on the toy's range, you could discreetly tease your partner while in public. 

Kinky Sex Toys for Couples

Sex toys can also be great for expressing kinks in the bedroom. Blindfolds, handcuffs, and whips that make up a BDSM enthusiast's toolset may or may not be considered "accessories," but in either case, they can make sex with your partner even more appealing.

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Couples Sex Toy Kits

Couples' sex toy kits include all the necessary equipment for a good time. You could have a relaxation-themed kit or a couple of items that go well together — for example, massage oil and a vibrator.

How To Get Started

Couples Sex Toys with Remote Control

So you're ready to give some toys a try, but where do you start?

Make Your Intentions Clear

To avoid misunderstandings, make it clear why you're interested in trying sex toys with your partner. Tell them you want to try something new since it will bring you closer together and give you more pleasure.

Get on the Same Page

Make sure you and your partner are both comfortable with the concept of bringing toys into the bedroom. Never introduce a toy during sex because it might distract and cause anxiety. Instead, discuss it beforehand to ensure that you and your partner are on the same page.

Decide on a Type of Sex Toy

You may be excited to try all sorts of sex toys out on each other. Pick one toy that you're both excited about and know how to use. Beginner sex toys for couples may be an excellent place to start. Choose a toy that stimulates an area you're both used to touching. For example, if fingering is a regular part of your foreplay, a dildo could be the right choice.

Pick a Toy Made with Quality Materials

When you shop for couples sex toys, choose materials that are safe for the body and comfortable for you. This means skin-safe, non-porous materials that don't leach chemicals into the body. Silicone and toughened glass are good bets, while you'll want to avoid rubber, jelly, and most plastics.

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Try the Toy on Yourself First

Before using a toy with a partner, consider trying it out on yourself first. That way, you'll be able to direct your partner and already be familiar with your favorite settings before getting started. At the very least, get to know how the toy feels in your hands and how to adjust its settings.

Go Slow and Communicate

When using a toy on your partner for the first time, take it slowly. You'll have to rely on your partner's reactions to determine whether a move or pressure is appropriate because you can't sense what they're feeling. If you're on the receiving end, don't hesitate to go over your favorite positions with your partner.

Don't Take Yourselves Too Seriously

Expect things to go wrong the first few times you and your partner use sex toys together. It will take time to learn to know one another's tastes and become used to operating toys on someone else. Consider it a fun exploration of each other's bodies that you can enjoy.

JIMMYJANE's Favorite Sex Toys for Couples

For adventurous couples who wish to add toys to their love life, JIMMYJANE has a choice of options second to none. JIMMYJANE offers premium quality toys with sophisticated designs and exclusive technologies without sacrificing style. 

Starla + Calista

The Calista is an open-cheeked panty designed to highlight your or your partner's assets and has a gusset specially designed to hold the Starla bullet vibrator. Together, Starla + Calista are the perfect pair for some kinky hijinks or good old-fashioned foreplay.



The Deimos is a high-tech C-ring with rabbit ears designed for clitoral stimulation. Each ear has its motor, with three intensity levels. Remote control makes for many kinky possibilities.



The Tarvos C-ring is the ultimate toy for flexibility. Its innovative shape allows it to serve as a clitoral stimulator or a perineum stimulator, depending on how it's put on.


Ascend 3

The Ascend 3 is a powerful vibrator in an ergonomic teardrop shape that makes it perfect for solo or couple play. While designed for clitoral stimulation, it's also great for all-over body stimulation. Like other toys on this list, it comes with a remote control that opens up possibilities.



Get ready for one of our favorite anal toys for couples. The Dia is a vibrating butt plug with remote control and a wide base for easy removal. This toy is fully submersible and has a 90-minute run time.


Have Fun Together

Trying sex toys as a couple is an adventure! There may be some twists and turns along the way, but the most important thing is that you have fun together. 


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