Wedding Celebrations: Pleasure-Filled Bachelorette Parties

What's better than spending every night of your life with the person you love and adore?

When intense sexual attraction meets a long list of checked compatibility boxes, it’s definitely worth celebrating!

In May, we’re excited to share in the joy that comes from planning weddings and creating a foundation for a life together. From the engagement to the bridal shower, and from bachelorette parties to the wedding and honeymoon, this should be a time of passion and pleasure.

Being a bride and groom for a day should just be the start of the romance. When you find the love of your life, sex can be a vibrant, fun, and exciting part of your intimate bond together. When you work to keep things hot, you’ll always have a smile on your face. 

Need some inspiration to keep things spicy with all that wedding talk? We’ll get you to put a ring on it with these sexy gifts for couples.

Great Gifts for Bachelorette Parties

Newlyweds don’t need to keep their hands off each other, and JiIMMYJANE can make it even less necessary. Here are some luxury product ideas that can help celebrate bachelorette parties.

lingerie for bachelorette parties gift


What’s going on underneath that pretty wedding gown? Only one person needs to know, especially if it’s some of JIMMYJANE’s sexy lingerie

Starla and Calista

The Starla and Calista combination is a cheeky open-back silhouette that packs an extra surprise with a custom-designed gusset that fits a remote-powered Starla Bullet. He’ll love the access and revealing look, and she’ll go crazy with the mind-blowing vibrations.

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Ascend 3 and Carpo

For a super-sexy night, slip into the Carpo Cheeky Panty with Ascend 3 vibrator. The panty is barely there, with sheer black lace and a custom-designed gusset that fits the discreet vibrator that can be controlled by the click of a button.


Starla and Tyro

For ladies who prefer a panty that’s a classic bikini cut, the Tyro Bikini with a Starla vibrator is the answer to remind the groom why he doesn’t need anyone else. The flirty keyhole back panty has a custom-designed gusset that fits the small Starla bullet, which has seven vibration modes and three intensity levels.


Special Condoms

Special Condoms

Until you’re ready to start a family, protection will always be a part of the fun in the bedroom. That doesn’t mean you can’t make it extra special with tailor-made, high-quality condoms that don’t distract from the romance.

JIMMYJANE sells Maxim condoms in a wide variety so couples can always stock up on the right size and style for them. Try varieties like the Ultra Sensation or Ultra Stimulation condoms. If your bedroom fun sometimes is more than most condoms can handle, the Ultra Strength is definitely for you.




Sex Toys To Keep the Spark Alive 

There’s a lot to be said for trying new things in bed, especially when you know and trust your partner so fully that you’re ready to spend the rest of your life together. Even the most vanilla brides and grooms might enjoy some fetish play behind closed doors — you never know until you try it! 

Bondage Tape

If you’ve never used tape before in the bedroom, here’s a tip from the experts: Don’t use anything that could rip hair out when you’re done, unless everyone has agreed to it beforehand! We sell bondage tape that uses non-stick PVC technology so that the semi-translucent tape only sticks to itself.


Limited Edition Fascination Set

With gold-toned hardware and premium vegan leather, this Limited Edition Fascination Set is a BDSM dream. Stay classy with a mask, whip, wrist cuffs, and travel bag that’s a great gift for couples who like to play.


Fascination 7-Piece Set

For couples who are ready to explore fetish play a little further, the Fascination 7-Piece Set is the one. This ultra-lux set includes a vegan leather mask, whip, paddle, adjustable collar with detachable leash, adjustable wrist cuffs, adjustable ankle cuffs, and a travel bag to keep it all under wraps until you’re ready for fun.


Fascination Cuffs

Surprise! These Fascination Cuffs are a great gift for bachelorette parties or for your partner to explore levels of intimacy, trust, and orgasms yet to be reached. They’re made with vegan leather and durable zinc alloy hardware.


Plan Years of Couples Fun 

couples toys

Investing in a luxury sex toy means years of amazing sexual experiences with someone you love — that’s totally what JIMMYJANE is all about! Check out these options.


The silicone Tarvos c-ring is intuitively designed with a powerful vibrating motor that can be flipped around for clitoral or perineum stimulation. It’s got seven vibrational modes and three intensity levels, so you can get it just right. Try giving the remote to your partner and relinquishing control.



Keep things going longer with the Kore c-ring, which is designed to fit around the base of the penis and comfortably restrict for harder and longer. It’s got seven vibrational modes and three intensity levels, and yep — that remote control is perfect for spontaneous play.


Massage Candles and Oils

candles and toys

Life stress can get in the way of a good time in the bedroom, so couples should always have a little trick to get everyone to relax. Massage candles and oils are a perfect solution. These chic and sexy gifts are classy enough to stay by the bedside, and all someone has to do is light a candle to send a clue. Married life requires lots of communication — and it can be as simple as a come-hither look.


Keep It Hot After the Honeymoon 

Founded in 2003 in San Francisco, JIMMYJANE offers the best-in-class products with hand-crafted designs and human-tested features. JIMMYJANE brings FDA-approved quality with excellent value to last a lifetime.

When you’re putting an object in your body, you should only choose the very best. That's why JIMMYJANE is the brand of choice for couples.


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