The Benefits of Prostate Massage and How to Have a Prostate Orgasm

What is a ‘p-spot’ or prostate massage?

It intensifies orgasms in a major way and can make for a fun extra bit of stimulation.  

Did I get your attention yet? In this article we will discuss how to massage the p-spot, the associated medical benefits and last, but certainly not least, how to enhance orgasms by using the p-spot.

How To Have A Prostate Orgasm?

You can stimulate the p-spot internally or externally by massaging either with your fingers or a toy. To prepare for any type of prostate play, make sure you do a little foreplay and get some lube. Remember to make sure that your hands are clean, your nails are trimmed, and any toy you use is clean. 

Internal Massage

The best way to internally reach the prostate is through the anus by placing a finger inside of it. For this, lube is essential. Make sure not to use a lube that has any additives to sensation for the purposes of anal play. We recommend the Silicone Lubricant

If this a new experience, you should probably use a smaller finger, like the pinky. Maybe start by teasing your partner and getting them ready for what’s to come by rubbing around the anus and playing outside of it. This will also give the prostate a chance to become aroused and extra sensitive.

prostate orgasm

Once you’ve teased them enough, go ahead and slide in your finger. There are no laws, no rules and no one way to do this. Remember, it is all about comfort and pleasure for both parties in this situation. Generally, the prostate is located about three to four inches in the rectum and is about one inch wide. Maybe you want to put your finger or multiple fingers in and massage the p-spot directly, or perhaps just inserting up to your nail is enough. 

Many of the massage techniques you can use to stimulate the p-spot are similar to the g-spot! Some of them are: 

  • Stroking: By making the “come hither” sort of motion, use the soft pad at the top of your finger to slow and steadily tap on the prostate. Check with your partner to see what kind of rhythm or how much pressure to apply. 
  • Tapping: Instead of the stroke’s more fluid motion, you could also just quickly apply pressure in a series of small (or not so small...) taps. 
  • Circles: Once you find the prostate, you can make circles all over it. You can either do a big fluid circle or tiny circles moving all around. Remember not to go too fast too quickly, which is easy to do with circles. 
  • Pulsing: Imagine that stroking and tapping had a baby, where you pulse your finger on the prostate or even just hold it there in stillness. Pulsing is a fun option because you can play so much with the tempo and pressure while still maintaining contact. 

Don’t be afraid to keep it interesting! If you repeatedly do any one type of touch, your partner’s body will adapt and get used to it. To provide the most sensation, trying out lots of different movements can be fun. Just make sure to keep up the same motion if they are about to orgasm! 

External Massage

prostate massagers for mens

Maybe, internal massage is too daunting, too painful, or you just don’t want to do it. Never fear — you can reach the prostate indirectly by stimulating. Externally, you can massage the p-spot by finding an area between the anus and testes that indirectly stimulates the prostate. This area is called the perineum. 

To find it, just gently start exploring the space between the anus and testes with your middle finger. Your partner should be able to tell which spot you are looking for. Once you’ve found it, keep massaging using some of the techniques listed above. 




What Is the Prostate or P-Spot?

The prostate is a small gland located at the crossroads of the penis, bladder, and anus. It helps to make semen. It also nourishes the semen with certain substances. Roughly the size of a walnut, the prostate primarily creates the seminal fluid in ejaculate. 

The prostate also connects the penis and the bladder, and helps urine flow from the urethra out to the penis. Problems with the prostate can also affect the urinary tract. Some people who experience prostate issues also need to urinate more often. 

p-spot orgasm

Stimulating the prostate produces an intense level of stimulation. Why? Because the prostate is located near the anus, where many nerve endings join together. The prostate also has lots of blood vessels that fill with the blood when someone is aroused. This extra blood flow makes the prostate more sensitive. 

It makes a lot of sense that the prostate is so sensitive — it’s literally in the middle of the whole reproductive system! It’s essential to keep in mind that while the prostate gives a lot of pleasure, you can hurt or damage the anus or prostate without taking the proper precautions. 

Does a Woman Have One or Do Only Men?

Only people born with penises have a p-spot. However, even though you may not have a p-spot, you can still help someone orgasm from their prostate. 

How Can You Reach Someone’s Prostate?

Trying out new things in the bedroom is always about comfort. It’s about you and your partner(s...) meeting in a warm and open space where everyone feels comfortable being free. Stimulation of the prostate will produce a lot of sensation, but it can take a while to get right and involves touch in sensitive areas, both physically and mentally. 

Make sure that you talk about prostate stimulation before ever actually trying it. Having a quick discussion before committing to anything can help everyone feel safer and, therefore, more willing to try new things. 

For some people with penises, there can be some psychological baggage regarding the idea of anus and anal pleasure. It can bring up many complicated feelings, wrapped in traditional ideas of masculinity, to even suggest stimulating the anus. Make sure to bring this awareness to any conversation or interaction with a partner about exploring the p-spot. 

How to have a Prostate Orgasm with Dildo?

You can use toys outside of the anus, the perineum, or inside the anal canal. Remember — lots of lube is your friend when toys are involved. Toys specifically made for anal play will be best. This means toys that are made so that they won’t get stuck, jammed, or lost in the anus. 

How to have a Prostate Orgasm with Dildo?

Again, there are no rules about using toys to stimulate the prostate or what toys to use. Perhaps you and your partner want a butt plug. The butt Plug Dia is a great to start with for beginners, and it is designed explicitly for p-spot stimulation!

You can also go for a toy that vibrates. The Neptune 2 could be a great option to stimulate both the anus and perineum with or without vibrations. (It also comes with a remote control for easy access and couples’ play!) The Saturn Ring with Plug is an adventurous toy to stimulate the penis while stimulating the anus. This double stimulus will actually extend and intensify an orgasm. 

Can You Orgasm From a Prostate Massage? 

Yes! And the orgasm will intensify and possibly feel different from a penile orgasm. Some people orgasm with ejaculation when their prostate is stimulated, while others orgasm but don’t ejaculate. It is possible to orgasm by being penetrated anally, anally massaged, and by stimulating the perineum.




What Else Should I Keep in Mind?

Communication, communication, communication...and LUBE! 

Prostate stimulation will yield incredible, pleasurable results when done right. It even has possible health benefits due to the release of fluids stored in the prostate. However, it cannot be overstated just how sensitive and tender this area is for people who have penises. So please, be gentle with yourself and others. 

Something else to keep in mind is that it can take a while to understand how to give yourself or your partner an orgasm from the prostate. Remember to relax and enjoy the pleasure in the journey and the exploration trying to find it. Some people even need to explore this part of their sexuality and body on their own before sharing it with a partner. 

Whether you are interested in receiving or giving prostate pleasure, always remember you and your partner have the power to write your own sexual story, no one else. Be safe, be bold, and be loving, whatever that may mean to you. 

At JIMMYJANE, there are a wide variety of products that can help stimulate the p-spot. Whether you’d like something that vibrates, something that can provide stimulation at two places, or a good old fashioned butt plug, click here to see what we have.


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