Vibrating Penis Ring Guide

Cock rings are a ring that goes around your cock and balls, or sometimes just your penis. They come in many different materials, including leather, silicone, metal, and rubber. The purpose of a cock ring is to enhance pleasure.

Do penis rings work? Everyone is different, but some people enjoy using them. A penis ring's purpose is to keep more blood in the penis when it gets erect, often leading to longer, stronger, and harder erections. Cock rings are a tremendous pleasure-enhancing tool for anyone with a penis but can be especially helpful for people who experience erectile dysfunction (ED).

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Vibrating cock rings are penis accessories with a vibrating component. The ring vibrates against the shaft of the penis and can also stimulate your partner's clitoris or vulva while you're having sex. It's excellent for those wondering how to make their penis strong or last longer in bed.

Are You a First-Time Penis Ring User?

Using a cock ring for the first time is pretty straightforward. Some you stretch over your erect cock and balls, others you put on before you get hard. Some, like leather ones, have snaps or buttons to hold them in place. Make sure to follow the instructions with your penis ring for the best outcome.

If it's your first time, try wearing it for just a few minutes to see how it feels before you dive into playtime.

How Do You Use a Vibrating Penis Ring?

how to use a vibrating penis ring

  1. Using a vibrating penis ring is similar to using a non-vibrating one. Depending on the model you try, you may need to charge it or insert batteries before you use it for the first time.

  2. There will either be remote control or buttons on the actual device to turn it on. Some vibrating cock rings have multiple vibration speeds or patterns that you can cycle through.

  3. Make sure to read the directions to find out the specifics of your penis ring.

  4. Once it is on, it's time to have fun! Experts say not to wear a penis ring for more than 30 minutes. Wearing it for longer than that might cause pain or damage.

What Makes a Penis Ring Vibrator Special?

The vibrators on cock rings are small but mighty. Different models have different options. For example, each of Jimmy Jane's vibrating cock rings has seven vibration patterns and three speeds, giving you 21 vibrating options to choose from.

Once the device is charged up, put it around your cock and turn it on — and find your favorite vibration option.

These devices send vibrations through your penis. You may also feel them in your balls and perineum, enhancing your sexual experience.

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How Does a Penis Ring Vibrator Work?

Penis rings work by restricting the blood flow of the penis. Once it's erect, the blood gets trapped for longer, making your cock more engorged. This can lead to more pleasurable sexual activity and stronger orgasms for some people. Those with erectile dysfunction often find it helpful in maintaining an erection for longer. 

penis ring vibrator

Does the size of the penis matter during sex? There are all sorts of ways to have sex no matter what your cock size, but some people find they enjoy the bigger erection that results from the restricted blood flow. Others simply want the enhanced sensation that comes from using a cock ring.

A vibrating cock ring also brings pleasure to your partner, whether you're enjoying the anal or vaginal play. The vibrator can stimulate the many nerve endings in their anus, vulva, or clitoris, making for more powerful orgasms.

How Do You Properly Use a Penis Ring Vibrator?

Cock rings are generally very safe to try. However, if you're using it to treat ED, you should speak with your doctor first. They may help you to address any underlying causes of erectile dysfunction (ED).

When putting on your cock ring, you can use some lube to help it slide on and off more easily. Once you are done using it, clean it properly to reduce the risk of spreading bacteria and STIs.

Always take off a vibrating cock ring if you feel any pain or discomfort or notice any bruising during playtime.

Something for Everyone: What Are the Types of Penis Ring Vibrators?

There are all sorts of exciting things to explore when it comes to vibrating cock rings. You can try Jimmy Jane's Deimos, which has two powerful motors in each "ear" for incredible clitoral stimulation.


Our Tarvos c-ring can be used for clitoral or perineum stimulation.


There are cock ring options for many types of tastes — and budgets — including:

  • Adjustable cock rings.

  • Cock ring chastity cages for extra kinky playtime.

  • Cock rings that have two loops — one to go around your cock and one for your balls.

  • Cock rings with a urethral sound.

  • Cock rings with butt plugs.

  • Double penetration penis rings with a dildo attached.

  • Remote control vibrating cock rings.

  • Waterproof cock rings.


To find the right kind for you, visit Jimmy Jane's Vibrating Penis page. Try reading vibrating penis ring reviews to see what others have thought about the sex toy before trying it yourself.

How Do You Use a Penis Ring During Sex?

Using a vibrating cock ring during sex is simple. Please read the instructions for your device, charge it up, and go!

vibrating penis ring

  1. You may need to make some adjustments to find the perfect spot for you and your partner. It's not only the vibrations that can enhance the time in the bedroom. Sometimes just trying something new can be a great way to spice things up and add a bit of excitement to your playtime routine.

  2. Experts say the best way to start with a vibrating cock ring is in the missionary position. The person with the penis should get on top. Once penetration begins, you can rock against each other to feel the vibrations. If that position doesn't work, flip it around and try the opposite with the person receiving penetration on top. For either position, a firm pillow or a wedge pillow under whoever is on the bottom can help make the angle even better for a vibrating ring.

  3. As with any sex toy, it is finding what works for you may take a little trial and error. So, if it's a little awkward at first, don't write it off completely. Consider giving it another shot. You can also think outside of the box. Wearing a vibrating cock ring on a strap-on also enhances a sexy situation. 

Are Penis Ring Vibrators Safe and Waterproof?

Cock rings with vibrators are safe sex toys to use. However, wearing it for longer than 20–30 minutes can be unsafe. Always take it off after that period, and never sleep in it or get yourself into a situation where you would not be able to excuse yourself to remove it.

penis ring vibrator waterproof

However, you should avoid using a cock ring if you have a blood clotting disorder or sickle cell anemia. If you take blood thinners, talk to your doctor before trying any cock ring. In rare cases, you might react to the material of the cock ring.

Be sure to thoroughly research your cock ring of choice before buying if you or your partner have allergies to common sex toy materials like latex or silicone. Stop using the toy if either of you gets any irritation after using it.

If desired, it is safe to use a vibrating penis ring with a condom for penetrative sex. However, when using one with a Maxim condom, make sure to arrange both, so there is little risk of the condom tearing. Experts advise you to put on the cock ring first and then the condom. Ensure the cock ring is not rubbing against the condom for safe play.

All of the cock rings on offer at Jimmy Jane are waterproof for shower time or squirting fun. They are also fully washable. Be sure to use soap and water or Jimmy Jane's antibacterial toy cleaner so your cock ring will be fresh and ready to go the next time you want to have some fun. However, not all vibrating penis rings on the market are waterproof, so be sure to do your research.

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Are You Ready To Try a Vibrating Cock Ring?

These vibrating toys bring pleasure to couples and solo players alike. They can enhance erections and make time in the bedroom even more orgasmic.

Jimmy Jane's high-tech and powerful vibrating silicone penis rings are designed to be comfortable for both harder erections and clitoral stimulation. They are made of body-safe materials and charge via USB for convenience. The quality and thought that has gone into our products will be apparent when you open the package.


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