On Erectile Dysfunction: How Can Sex Toys Improve Your Sex Life?

Guys, we all know how it feels when things don't work how they're supposed to — especially the penis. When your penis doesn't get as hard or stay as hard as it used to, you may feel embarrassed and anxious about sex. You may even (tragically) lose your appetite for any sexual activity.

You may be dealing with erectile dysfunction (ED) if you're experiencing any of those issues. But there's still hope! Several sex toys for erectile dysfunction will help your penis function normally again so you can enjoy hot, steamy sex life.

What Is Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile Dysfunction couples silicone toy

ED is the inability to get or keep an erection during any sexual activity. You get an erection when your brain sends signals to your penis to dilate its arteries, allowing blood to rush in. Your veins then contract, and the blood is trapped in the penis in two long champers, enabling you to maintain your erection. Erectile dysfunction is the result of an issue with either of these processes.

Erectile dysfunction can be short-term or long-term and manifest itself in several ways. You may get an erection sometimes, but not every time you engage in sexual activity. You may be able to get an erection but not maintain it long enough for your partner's sexual satisfaction. Sometimes, you may not be able to get an erection at all. You may also have reduced sensitivity, which reduces your pleasure and ability to orgasm during sex.

If you're experiencing erectile dysfunction, rest assured that you're not alone. According to the Urology Care Foundation, erectile dysfunction affects over 30 million men in the United States. Though ED becomes more common the older you get, young men can experience it because of other causes.

A variety of physical, psychological, and behavioral reasons can cause erectile dysfunction, including:

  • Diabetes
  • High cholesterol
  • Heart disease
  • High or low blood pressure
  • Performance anxiety
  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Depression or psychological disorders
  • Excessive alcohol or tobacco use
  • Drug use

Wait, what about masturbation?

You may have heard it can cause ED, but this is a common misconception. There are no scientific studies that prove that masturbation causes erectile dysfunction. On the contrary, masturbation has been proven beneficial to your overall health. So, by all means, continue practicing the five-finger shuffle!

So what's the solution for erectile dysfunction?

Thankfully, there are many sex toys that you can use to help your penis get hard and stay hard.

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Sex Toys for Erectile Dysfunction

sex toys for erectile dysfunction

There are several ways you can treat ED. If health issues are the cause of your ED, you can make lifestyle changes like exercising regularly, eating a better diet, reducing stressors, and quitting bad habits like drinking too much or smoking. You can also visit a physician and get pills like Viagra or undergo sex therapy.

While these methods can be effective, they are usually complex, invasive, costly, and honestly, not that fun. Sex toys help your penis get and stay hard without embarrassing doctor visits, expensive prescriptions, and medicines that cause unwanted side effects. And they are a lot of fun (wink).

Several sex toys for men are available on the market, like male vibrators, penis sleeves, and penis extenders. But there are four that we strongly recommend if you have ED:

Penis Rings

A penis ring is a ring-shaped tool that you wear around the base of your penis. You use it by slipping it over your penis while it is flaccid or half-erect and gently pushing it down until it's near or at the base of your penis. It is typically worn to enhance pleasure during sex but also works as an erectile dysfunction ring. 





Penis rings apply pressure to the area near the base of the penis once you are fully erect. Remember those two long champers we mentioned earlier holding blood in your penis? The penis ring helps those champers do their job and maintain your erection by constricting the base of your penis. This means you can stay hard for longer and satisfy your partner. 

They may make you feel like you can go all night, but be careful! Like with any other extremity, you don't want to restrict blood flow to your penis for too long. We recommend using them no longer than 30 minutes to avoid damaging your penis. 

Erectile dysfunction rings can also incorporate other sex devices like dildos and butt plugs to enhance your sexual pleasure. They are available in various sizes, so there's something for everyone, no matter the size.

There are also several variations. For example, you can get a vibrating penis ring. That's right, fellas — vibration isn't only for women! Vibrating penis rings keep your penis hard longer and dramatically enhance your pleasure. 


Male masturbators are arguably the most well-known and popular sex toys for men. These tools take many forms, but they have one essential purpose — to provide pleasurable penetrative stimulation for the penis. They have textured interiors and mimic the feel of oral sex or intercourse. They typically fully or partially encircle the penis, providing the perfect cushion and friction for thrusting or stroking pleasure.




So how do they help with erectile dysfunction?

A masturbator doesn't require an erection for you to use it. You apply an adequate amount of lubricant, insert your flaccid or semi-erect penis, and begin thrusting or stroking. You can use it alone before participating in sexual activity with your partner, or you can spice things up by letting your partner use it on you before intercourse — a win-win for everyone!


Male Butt Plugs

There's nothing wrong with a little butt play! Anal stimulation can be one of the men's most intensely pleasurable sexual experiences because men's prostate is the most accessible through the anus. The prostate — also known as the P-spot — is a small gland in front of the rectum and right between the bladder and the penis. It nourishes and protects your sperm and produces semen during ejaculation. 

You can use male butt plugs for erectile dysfunction to directly stimulate the prostate. That's why butt plugs are also called prostate massagers. Butt plugs let you reach orgasm without any direct stimulation to your penis. That's right — you don't even have to touch your penis to orgasm.

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So you don't have to give up orgasms just because you're having difficulty getting or staying hard. Butt plugs remove the need for you to worry about your penis performance. Male butt plugs for erectile dysfunction will let you experience orgasms that are often even more intense than penetrative intercourse through your prostate.






Male butt plugs do not only help you have an orgasm. Regular prostate massages using a butt plug can reduce your risk of prostate issues like prostate cancer and prostatitis. They also help reduce stress. So adding butt plugs to your self-care routine is also an excellent decision for your general and reproductive health.

Butt plugs for erectile dysfunction come in many sizes, lengths, and shapes. You can start with whichever size you are comfortable with and gradually experiment with others. If you begin to use one, take it slow and use ample lubricant to prevent hurting yourself. We know there are stigmas around butt plugs for men, but don't be shy — try one and see if you enjoy it!





Couples Vibrators

Erectile Dysfunction in couples

Couples vibrators are the final tool we recommend for erectile dysfunction. You or your partner can use them to stimulate your penis or prostate, helping you get hard, achieve an orgasm, or both! You can also use them on your partner in addition to your penis or to replace your penis. You can choose between several different types depending on your and your partner's needs.

Rabbit Vibrators

You can use couples vibrators on your partner for them to enjoy penetration even when you are having issues with getting or staying hard. The addition of vibration will make it an even more explosive experience for them.




Rabbit vibrators provide vaginal and clitoral stimulation for women and anal and perineum stimulation for men. Some are even specially shaped and curved so they can easily reach the G-spot or P-spot for explosive orgasms. They can completely replace your penis when you're having issues so you don't worry about performance, and your partner will still enjoy insanely intense pleasure.

You or your partner can also use a rabbit vibrator to massage your P-spot and help you achieve orgasm without touching your penis.

Bullet Vibrators

Bullet vibrators are small, handheld vibrators that apply intense vibrations to a concentrated area they are touching. You or your male partner can use one before or during sexual activity on any part of the penis to stimulate it and make it hard. (Here's a pro tip: Use it on the skin right beneath the head. You'll thank us later!) 

You can also use it with your penis, tongue, and fingers on your female partner to give her an intense clitoral orgasm. These vibrators are small but mighty and can elevate your sex life to a new dimension.




Get a New Lease on Your Sex Life With Sex Toys

You don't have to feel like your sex life is over just because you are dealing with ED. Using sex toys for erectile dysfunction will help you to enjoy healthier sex life and improve your overall well-being in and out of the bedroom. No more embarrassment, confusion, or frustration — just good old, sexy fun.

At JIMMYJANE we believe that pleasure is power, and we want everyone to enjoy that power to the fullest. We're here to give you what you need to explore and use your sexuality as freely as you wish. Our luxury sex toys are made with everyone's sexual wellness in mind, whether they're dealing with erectile dysfunction or other sexual issues. Feel free to check out our collection. Everything is made for your pleasure. 


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