All You Need Is Self-Love — A Self-Pleasure Guide To Masturbation

    Masturbation is a universal practice. Anyone with the pleasure sensing parts of their genitals can practice it regardless of gender identity, age, or basically any other factor. While you might not always be able to get it on with others, you can always get it on with yourself!

    You can masturbate using your hands. You can also use toys like dildos, vibrators, cock rings, butt plugs, and more!

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    Why Do People Masturbate?

    It almost seems like a better question might be; why don’t people masturbate? To put it simply, masturbation feels good and it’s relaxing. It’s also been linked to numerous health benefits.

    On top of being relaxing and feeling good, masturbation is a great way to get to know your body and what feels good for you. There is so much out there about sexuality, sex, and “should” feel good but really, it’s all about preference. Masturbation can teach you how to find your own pleasure and what feels good to you before you experiment with a partner.

    Because masturbation is an excellent stress reliever, you might masturbate to help yourself go to sleep, or to relax whenever you feel stressed.

    Sometimes, people become addicted to masturbation and something that started out as pleasure becomes a compulsion. Like any other type of addiction, there is no one reason people become addicted to masturbation. It may stem from an addiction to the body’s natural responses to orgasms. However, this is very rare.

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    Is Masturbation for Women and Men Normal?

    Yes! Masturbation for women, men, and anyone in between is 100% normal.

    Over the years various incarnations of the patriarchy have attempted to tell you, me, and just about everyone that masturbation is wrong or shameful. Not only is masturbation normalized, but now self-love is fully supported.

    From the pages of Marie Claire to here at JIMMYJANE — the gospel of masturbation for all is out there far and wide!

    What Are the Different Types of Masturbation for Both Men and Women?

    A graphic illustration of the purple Euphor clitoral and g-spot vibrator displayed on a white bed sheet

    No matter who you are, you probably like to think of sexy things, fantasies, memories, or even watch a sexy video when you masturbate.

    Obviously, depending on your sex, masturbation can physically look very different. Here are some different ways different people can have fun with themselves:

    For People With Penises

    The most traditional method of masturbation if you have a penis is by stroking the shaft of the penis up and down. Great ways to shake things up can be to change positions, move your hips, stimulate your anus or perineum (the fleshy area between your testicles and anus), or masturbate after a workout.

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    There are some great luxury sex toys out there like masturbation sleeves or anal toys to spice things up for penis-owners. Our Astra features premier penile shaft stimulation like no other.



    For People with Vaginas

    Most people with vaginas orgasm from clitoral orgasms; vaginal orgasms are a little harder to attain. The clitoris is the pleasure center of the female reproductive system, after all. You can use your hands to rub the clit any way you want — in circular motions, up and down, zigzag. It works best to switch things up and try to surprise yourself!

    If you want to get a vaginal g-spot orgasm through masturbation you can use your hands by inserting your fingers into your vagina for stimulation, but it’s probably easier if you just use a dildo or sex toy. A great dildo to start with would be our Vetro. The same goes for anal pleasure...

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    There are so many sex toys for women and other vagina owners out there. Our Euphor can stimulate the clitoris, g-spot, and full body at the same time while vibrating.





    How To Set the Mood Before You Masturbate?

    self guide for pleasure

    Setting a mood good for masturbating is very individual!

    Masturbation should be something that you do to take care of yourself, treat yourself, and indulge in pleasure.

    Perhaps for you, this looks like turning off the lights, lighting candles, and laying in fur with your favorite JIMMYJANE toy. Maybe you want something more relaxed, something quicker-just a quick burst of energy after a hot bath.

    Whatever you do to set the mood for yourself, make sure that you savor it.

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    What Are Some Techniques Associated With Erogenous Zones?

    It’s not all about the genitals — especially if it’s your first time masturbating! In order to ease yourself in, think about:

    • The Lungs: Your breath is everything. Start to mindfully slow your breathing down as you pleasure yourself. It will relax and open you up, physically and mentally.

    • The Inside of Your Arms: The insides of your arms are very sensitive, try gently tickling them up and down.

    • Testes: If you have testicles, gently rub and massage them. Even the area between the anus and the testes is considered an erogenous zone.

    • The Chest: Most people love a chest massage. If you have breasts, this can be especially true. Don’t forget about the nipples!

    • Upper legs: The areas surrounding the genitals are very tender — a great way to tease yourself is to gently massage around there!

    Does Porn Help Men and Women With Masturbation?

    Yes, it does. It can help stimulate you and relax you.

    Some people feel that just focusing on themselves can help them overcome performance anxiety during sex with a partner. For others, it can provide great fodder for fantasy and help to widen their sexual horizons.

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    Sometimes fantasy and reality can be very far removed. Porn can warp your perceptions of what sex is really like. Just remember that porn is not always representative of healthy, normal, or pleasurable sex, especially for women.

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    What Are the Associated Health Benefits Related To Masturbation for Both Women and Men?

    A graphic illustration of a women with her hands in her pink panties pleasuring herself

    There is no way to accurately tell whether masturbation actually has health benefits, because there is no way to isolate masturbation from other lifestyle choices. What we do know: it feels GOOD!

    For more information, we listed all the benefits of masturbation here

    Furthermore, studies have shown that masturbation can ease the pain of menstrual cramps, help with sleep issues, reduce stress, and strengthen your muscles near the pelvis and anus.

    Can Masturbation Be Bad for You or Become an Issue?

    Some people are raised with the stigma that masturbation is categorically wrong. They then think that if they masturbate once or more daily that they have some kind of problem.

    This couldn’t be farther from the truth — most people who masturbate only report benefits to masturbation. It is quite rare that someone might have a masturbation addiction.

    A sign that you might want to seek help for a masturbation addiction is if you find yourself canceling social appointments or professional opportunities in order to masturbate.


    Self-pleasure can be a fantastic way to love yourself. It can help you feel less anxious. Sex toys are an excellent way to step up your masturbation game and intensify your sensation, whether by yourself or with a partner.

    Masturbation is perfectly normal and healthy!

    There is nothing wrong with pleasuring yourself. You might find that your sexuality expands once you establish a deeper relationship with your sexuality, on your terms.


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