Perfect Foreplay Sex Toys for a Wonderful Start

Ah, foreplay — that excellent step between simply enjoying time together and tumbling between the sheets. Foreplay is a fantastic process that helps get and keep you and your partner in the mood up until the act of sexual intercourse. You can ramp up your partner's anticipation and make your sessions even more explosive with foreplay sex toys.

That's right — sex toys aren't made just for the main act. You can use them during foreplay as well. But what are the best toys for foreplay, and how can you use them to up your sex game?

Start Things Off With Sensual Foreplay

sensual foreplay and sex toy

The act of sex is more than just penetration — it's a sexy process that starts with setting the mood through foreplay. Never underestimate the power of foreplay. It's been proven that 40% to 60% of women are more likely to orgasm during intercourse if there's foreplay like manual stimulation, kissing, and oral sex.

But foreplay can begin way before you touch your partner through other senses like sight and smell. You can use several adult sex toys and foreplay outfits to turn your partner on and drive them crazy without touching them.

Instead of immediately using sex toys for intensity and orgasms, try using lighter touches, lower settings, and covering several erogenous zones all over the body instead of the obvious ones. This will get your partner raring to go and make the final act even more explosive.

Foreplay Outfits

Foreplay outfits are a great way to catch your partner's attention and get them in the mood. Something like sexy see-through, lacy panties cover just enough to get their imagination going, but there are many other options you can try:

Wearable Vibrators

You can step up your lingerie and foreplay game even more with wearable vibrators. 

You can get vibrating panties with a pocket inside that holds a vibrator against the vulva, or you can get a unique vibrator to slip into any pair of panties.


Most of these vibrators and vibrating underwear are controlled via remote control for a completely hands-free experience. This means you can give your partner a show by holding the vibrator until you get off— without touching yourself.


Or you can enjoy some kinkier play by passing the remote to your partner, giving them complete control of your pleasure and orgasm

You may take it further by wearing vibrating panties underneath your regular clothes while you and your partner are out and about. Your partner can turn them on whenever and wherever they want, and that alone can be enough to drive them so crazy that they'll be ready to devour you as soon as you get home. (Can we say yes, please?)



The ambiance is a massive part of sensual foreplay. Turning the lights low and lighting some sexy-smelling scented candles stimulate the senses and sets the mood for seduction.

You can blow your partner's mind with high-quality massage oil candles. These two-in-one candles take date night to the next level of sexiness. These candles feature skin-nourishing emollients, such as:

  • Jojoba
  • Shea butter
  • Vitamin E 
  • Aloe

They melt at body temperature, so you can light them to fill the room with a fantastic scent or use them as a warm massage oil on your partner. 





Fetish Products

There's nothing quite as sexy as meeting someone with the same level of kink as you. If your partner has particular fetishes, fetish products are the perfect way to get them in the mood. 

You can keep things light and simple with eye maskshandcuffs, or bondage tape. If you're really into BDSM, you can get a full fetish play set complete with whips and even love paddles to take things to the next level. After all, who doesn't love a good spanking or two?





Step Things Up a Notch

vibrators for couples

Once you've got your partner's mind on you and what they want to do with you, you can move to the next stage and start intimate touching with oil massages and vibrators.

Oil Massage for Foreplay

Massages are an intimate way to increase the bond between you and your partner and improve mental health. You can use foreplay massages to relax, tease, and get them yearning for your touch all over. 

You can even increase their arousal and anticipation with a tantric massage — a sensual massage that involves erogenous zones and genitals. The goal isn't to have an orgasm but to focus on making them feel good and letting them focus on their pleasure. This massage increases intimacy and connection through touch and learning about your partner.



Massage oils
 are perfect for keeping things slippery and sexy, increasing the sensuality of your touch, and titillating your partner's senses. The best oils also contain skin-nourishing ingredients like almond oil and essential oils to moisturize and soothe your partner's skin naturally.

There are several oil massage foreplay and anal foreplay tips you can follow to make the process as enjoyable and explosive as possible:

    1. Warm your massage oil in between your hands before you touch your partner.

    2. Start on the back, massaging from the upper body down to the lower body.

    3. Have your partner flip over.

    4. Begin the massage on the upper body, moving down to the abdomen and paying particular attention to erogenous zones.

    5. Move down to the feet and work your way up the legs, slowly teasing as you move closer to the genitals.

    6. Coat your hands in extra massage oil and warm them, then massage sensitive areas around the genitals like the thighs and pubic bone.

    7. You can gently massage your partner's genitals, edging to keep them near arousal without letting them orgasm.

    8. If your partner is comfortable with the idea, use your well-oiled and warmed finger to stimulate and enter the anus gently.

    9. You can continue the massage until orgasm or not allow them to orgasm and focus on the pleasure.



Vibrators for Foreplay

Do vibrators help with foreplay?

foreplay vibrators

The answer is yes! Vibrators are amazing for foreplay. Vibrator foreplay allows you to tease and arouse your partner without inciting an orgasm. 

For example, you can use a vibrator on your female partner to gently stimulate her nipples and clitoris. Use it at a lower speed with light touches to keep her turned on and anticipating your every move. 

Some more significant vibrators can also be slipped inside her vagina for internal stimulation and light thrusting. But remember, keep it slow, light, and teasing. It will drive your partner crazy and have them ready for more.

Vibrator foreplay isn't only for women. Your male partner can enjoy foreplay with vibrators as well. You can use bullet vibrators to stimulate his nipples, scrotum, frenum, and perineum.

If he's okay with some anal foreplay, you can use a vibrator around his anus. You can even slip a slightly larger vibrator into his anus and keep it on low to gently stimulate his prostate, enhancing his pleasure.

He'll stay hard and ready when you keep these touches light and teasing.





Rounding Third Base

Once you've gotten in some more intimate touching and truly turned your partner on, you can get them ready for the final act with more intense toys like anal plugs and dildos.

Anal Foreplay

There's nothing wrong with a little anal foreplay. It can feel amazing and amp up the pleasure before and during sex. You can use butt plugs and anal sex toys on your partner to make anal foreplay even sexier.

It's essential to use high-quality lube during this process to ensure it feels good and doesn't cause your partner any pain. So be generous with the lube and ensure it's warm before inserting the anal sex toy. You can even try a heated lube to heighten your partner's pleasure and increase their comfort.

The best lube for foreplay will provide a long-lasting slip without risking your sexual health. Make sure your lube doesn't have any harmful ingredients, including:

  • Alcohol
  • Parabens
  • Artificial colors or flavors
  • Essential oils
  • Glycerin
  • Dyes
  • Fragrances
  • Gluten





When it comes to anal sex toys, it's best to use 
silicone-based lubricants because they are slipperier, longer-lasting, and require less reapplication than water-based lubricants. Trust us; you do not want to experience any dryness during anal. 

Don't use silicone-based lube with silicone toys because they can break down the toy's silicone — no one wants that! You should also avoid numbing lube so your partner can feel every sensation and let you know if they feel any pain.

Once you've got your lube, there are some other anal foreplay tips you can follow to keep things safe and pleasurable:

  • Start with smaller sex toys, then work up to larger ones.

  • Gently massage or lick around the anus first to increase pleasure and relax the muscles.

  • Move slowly, starting on the shallow side and gradually inserting more of the toy.

  • Communicate openly and freely throughout the process.

  • Establish safe words.

  • Caress your partner's vulva or penis during anal foreplay for more explosive pleasure.

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Hitting a HomeRun With Penetration

Finally, once you and your partner have gotten worked up and even had an orgasm, you can get to the excellent stuff — penetration.

There's nothing quite like having sex, no matter how good the foreplay is. But you can also use sex toys to elevate intercourse to another level.

Couple Vibrators

For example, men can put on a couple's vibrating penis ring, which features a protrusion to stimulate their partner's clitoris or anus. They'll enhance your pleasure and your partner's and provide explosive orgasms. 

You can also use vibrators during sex to stimulate your partner's clitoris/perineum, nipples, and anus and keep them mindless with pleasure.





Anal Toys

Fellas, if you use a butt plug or anal sex toy during foreplay, you can fully insert it into your female partner's anus during penetrative sex. She'll enjoy the feeling of fullness from double penetration and the sensation of your penis and the toy rubbing together.

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Dildo foreplay and dildos during sex are excellent ways to enjoy penetration, whether your partner is a man or a woman. These sex toys are more significant than vibrators and have a phallic shape for a full penetrative sensation. 

They come in many forms. For example, you can use a rabbit vibrator inside your partner and stimulate their clitoris, scrotum, or anus simultaneously. Some dildos may be specially curved or feature bulbed tips and textured areas for g-spot and prostate stimulation.

They can also be used for intense double penetration on women, fun oral play during penetrative sex between men, and for women to switch things up and peg their male partners. 

No matter how they're used, they'll add a fun new element that will elevate sex.

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Use Sex Toys To Enhance Your Sex Life

As you can see, sex toys are an excellent way to spice up the entire sexual experience, from foreplay to penetration. 

You can start things off slow and set the mood with sexy lingerie, candles, wearable vibrators, and fetish products. Then move into intimate touching with massage oils and vibrators. Get your partner ready for penetration with anal foreplay, and use sex toys like vibrating penis rings to enhance penetrative sex

Here at JIMMYJANE, we believe that sex should be an enjoyable and healthy experience for everyone. That's why we provide high-quality luxury sex toys and sex products to enhance your foreplay and sexual intercourse. Feel free to take a look at our collection today. You'll love everything we have to offer both you and your partner.


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