How To Prepare For Anal Sex?

Are you interested in having anal sex for the first time?

Perhaps if you ask yourself this question, you also ask yourself numerous other questions, including:

Does anal sex hurt the first time?

What does anal sex feel like?

How do I have anal sex that feels amazing?

It can feel like a big and exciting step, and it helps to know more about it!

If You Are New to Anal, Should You Try It Alone First?

Even if you have a vagina and are used to the feeling of being penetrated, anal penetration is an entirely different experience. While the vagina gets wet naturally, the anus doesn't.

If you've never had anal, you should try it alone before you do it with a partner to see how much lubricant you need to feel pleasure. Guaranteed, you will need more sex lubricant than you think. 

anal sex 101

Another reason it might be great to try anal before doing it with a partner is because, technically speaking, your anus naturally tenses and shuts when not in use. Relaxing those tight muscles is a skill you will have to practice to feel pleasure.

If you are using your hands to penetrate your anus, clip your nails and thoroughly wash your hands. If you are using a toy, be sure to disinfect and clean it before and after. Here is an excellent post about cleaning your sex toy.

Any way you look at it, exploring the potential pleasure in this part of your body is empowering. If you don't know what feels right for you, communicating with your partner effectively can be more challenging.

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Hygiene Tips for Anal Sex

The recommended step before you have anal sex is to get a small mirror and look at your anus, see what's going on down there, and understand your body better.

It is also good to see what your anus looks like typically to tell when something irregular happens. Here is a hint: You should go to the bathroom before starting. 

After anal sex, check in with your anus again and ensure you don't see any irritation or redness. It can be pretty common to have some minor tearing or bleeding, but you should see a doctor if it is red and irritated

Be very clean and wash your hands or any toys before using them. If you're going to use your hands, be sure to cut your nails, so they don't get caught on anything.


Is There a Proper and Safe Way to Have Anal Sex?

anal sex safety

Proper? No. Safe? Yes.

There is no "proper" way to have any sex. It is proper as long as it feels good, consensual, and both people enjoy it. The safest way to have anal sex is to use lots of lube and a Maxim condom. It is also the safest when your anus is relaxed because the chance of tearing is significantly low.

They say that the best lube to use is silicone lube because it is the thickest and most long-lasting lube. Unfortunately, if you want to do anal play with a silicone toy, the silicone lube will harm the toy. If you're going to do anal play with lube AND toys, either put a condom over the toy or use water-based lube.




Additionally, never use numbing lubes for anal sex. Pain or discomfort are the best and only markers you have during anal sex to know whether you or your partner are hurting your bodies.

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Does Anal Sex Hurt, or Can It Feel Good?

It can hurt. If you have never had anal sex before and your anus has never really been stretched or penetrated in that way, it can be painful. It can be uncomfortable and stretch your anus in ways you never knew about, but again, the key is to relax.

Once you can relax those key muscles, the sky is the limit to your anal pleasure.

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does anal sex hurt?

When you start having anal sex, it will undoubtedly be uncomfortable or painful in certain moments, but that should fade away as you become more comfortable. Never be afraid to let your partner know if you need a break, more lube, or to shift!

The pleasure can be incredible once you get comfortable and relaxed with anal sex. If you have a prostate, you might have a prostate orgasm that can give some people waves of full-body orgasm.

People with and without prostates can get stimulated by the nerve endings within the anal canal. These can also give intense orgasms.

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Do Women like Anal Sex, and Do Men like Anal Sex? Why?

Women or people with vaginas do like anal sex. This area contains many very tender nerve endings that can produce intense sensation and pleasure. Unlocking this whole element to your sex life can be incredibly empowering and fun!

For men or people with penises, anal sex can be an exciting experience. Being penetrated feels excellent because they can have prostate orgasms and "a-spot" orgasms, but they can also be penetrating.

Some men say that the anus can be tighter than the vagina to give more pleasure. Be careful with this, though. It's unfair of a sexual partner to push you into anything you don't want to do.

Most people with penises say that anal is not much different from vaginal penetration. Anal sex is a type of sex that you have to want to feel good (especially on the receiving side), so don't say yes if it's not what you want!




Can You Go from Anal Sex to Vaginal Sex?

anal sex for beginners

Never directly put a penis that has been in the anus into a vagina. There are many bacteria in the anus that no one wants to be in their vagina. Doing that will give a UTI, yeast infection, or other vaginal infection.

A great way to solve this problem is to get a new condom when you move from anal sex to vaginal sex or to wear gloves if you are using your hands.

You would have to wash the penis off very aggressively and un-sexily. It's best to air on the side of caution here and separate vaginal and anal sex somehow. If you are not using a condom, it's best not to have vaginal sex right after anal sex.




Is Anal Sex Messy, and If It is What Should I Do?

Oh boy, it can be. Just be aware of when you last used the restroom, and clean your anus before you engage in any anal play.

But what is your plan?

Are you using a butt plug like the Ersa? If so, probably not. Usually, butt plugs are relatively shallow, so you will be fine as long as you clean your anus and make sure not to use it immediately after using the bathroom.

Fully penetrative anal can be messier, no question. 

That's why you should always use anal-safe sex toys. You have to clean the sex toy comprehensively to use it for anal play again and again safely.


Is Anal Sex Bad for Your Health or Dangerous?

Anal sex can be bad for your health if you practice nonconsensual, unlubricated, and unhygienic.

LUBRICANT is vital here for pleasure and safety. If you don't use lube, there won't be a lubricant, and you can tear your anus in excruciating ways. 

Both partners need to prepare to keep everyone healthy in terms of hygiene. If you are doing it alone, the same thing goes. Cleanliness, condoms, and communication are crucial to safety.

What are some anal sex techniques for pleasure?

Slow and steady wins the race. Start with your or your partner's fingers plus a lot of lube. After that, move on to slow and steady penetration. Remember to breathe, let go and relax.

Some great positions to do anally are:

Are there Accessories to Help with Anal Sex?

There are many accessories to help with anal sex!

You can use the Plug Set to open the anus up or stimulate your anus when you do other sexual acts. The Neptune P Spot Massager helps explore the joys of a prostate orgasm. While the Dual Gripp is a vibrator, you can simultaneously use it for anal and clitoral pleasure.





If you are interested in giving or receiving anal sex, research, clean, and communicate about it beforehand. Anal sex can be so fun and pleasurable. With toys, penetration, or even just with hands, exploring anal can be amazing! 

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