Give Your Hand a Break — The Wonderful World of Male Masturbators

    The ability to please oneself sexually is one of Mother Nature’s greatest gifts to humanity. Humans have been administering self-pleasure as far back as when our ancestors lived in dark, dank caves. In fact, archaeologists have found objects that were undoubtedly used for sexual stimulation that date back 28,000 years.

    Since the Fleshlight debuted back in the late 90’s with minimal competition, the market for male masturbation toys has grown. Now, you can get as technical as you like while getting off. Whether or not Thomas Edison’s original intention for electricity was to allow brave new forms of masturbation, we’ve put it to good use finding exciting and fun ways to masturbate.

    With advances in design and functionality, male masturbators continue to expand the possibilities of sexual satisfaction. Read on to learn more about different types of male strokers, how they work, and how to use one — solo or with your partner.

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    What Is a Male Stroker?

    What Is A Male Stroker

    A stroker for men is any device into which a man inserts his erect penis for sexual pleasure. Strokers have grown in popularity because basic designs are relatively inexpensive, and from there, you can find toys to tickle your fancy. Some strokers include exciting features like temperature play and vibrations.

    Regardless if you’re keeping it simple or going all out, male strokers are really easy to use once you get the hang of it.

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    Types of Strokers for Men

    There are hundreds of different types of male strokers, but they fall into basically two categories: non-anatomical and anatomical.


    Non-Anatomical Strokers

    These male stroker toys do not resemble a hole in the human body. The Astra, for example, are perfect examples of a non-anatomical male masturbator. They provide a safe and comfortable experience by simulating the penis with soft textures and different levels of vibration.

    Our latest stroker, the Arvos, is also a non-anatomical male stroker. The Arvos fully encircles the shaft of the penis, and its sleek new design is complete with a high-tech internal heating sensor and two state-of-the-art motors. With the ability to alternate between seven high-performing vibration modes and three different intensity levels, this awesome gadget can help you level up.

    Anatomical Strokers

    The other category of male masturbation toys is anatomically representative, where the device looks and feels like a vagina, an anus, or a mouth. These toys can also come with vibration and/or heat controls, but anatomical strokers will most likely not be battery-powered or have an electrical cord. That’s because their appeal tends to be geared toward those who want the satisfaction of a more realistic visual and touch stimulation. Realistically speaking, most mouths aren’t battery powered.


    How Do Male Strokers Work?

    How Do Male Strokers Work

    Because strokers come in different shapes and sizes with different key features, different types will work differently. In short, most are designed for full or partial insertion of the penis (don’t forget the lube!).

    Some require thrusting with your hips or pulling with your hand, while some more stationary strokers treat you with vibrations instead of — or in addition to! — the friction of thrusting.

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    The Benefits of Vibrations for Men

    Why should vibrators all be “for her,” anyway? Our male strokers incorporate vibrations, too, which allow you to experience sensations that are just not possible with your hand alone or even with your partner.

    Finding the right male stroker with different vibration settings that you can adjust to your liking will open a new portal for your sexual discovery. And you don’t have to concentrate the good vibes on just your penis, either. Try placing it on your balls and adjust the vibration setting to your liking or move it closer to or into the anus for a different tease.

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    How To Properly Use a Male Stroker?

    How To Properly Use A Male Masturbator

    If you thought using your hand was easy, these types of male masturbation toys might be even simpler to use. Regardless of which one you choose, lube is a must. Trying to masturbate with a male stroker without lubrication could cause chafing and injury.

    Choose water-based lubricants like our FDA cleared Intimate Lubricant that won’t damage your silicone toys, and they’re less messy for even easier clean-up.

    1. Grab your stroker and your lube, double check to make sure the blinds are closed, get naked, and get ready for some fun. Lube up first — both your toy and yourself. Generously apply the lube to the entrance of your toy, and use your finger to get some of it inside. Then, share some of the lube with your shaft, too. Making sure you’re hard and your toy’s slick will make it much easier to insert your penis into your stroker.

    2. Start slow and go easy, inserting your shaft into the stroker and pushing it down toward the base. Give yourself time to get used to it. Note how it feels as it goes down — the tightness and tingly sensations. Pretty good, huh?

    3. If your toy has a vibrating feature, click it on and play with the different settings until you find one you like. Experiment with different stroking speeds and vibration intensities, and keep stroking until you’re seeing stars.

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    Can a Stroker Be Used for Couples Play?


    Male strokers are a perfect addition to a steamy night with your partner. If you’re into bondage and rope play, for example, have your partner tie you down and let them have their way with you and your new toy.


    Male strokers are also great substitutes if your partner isn’t really into giving handjobs or blowjobs, for example, or you don’t typically react well to those activities.

    Incorporating a new and fun toy like a male masturbator could be just the thing you two were looking for to spice up foreplay in order to get hot and ready for intercourse.

    Additionally, you can experiment with simultaneous toy masturbation. Try a visual tease, where you and your partner each play with your own toys while watching each other. Or try using a toy on your partner while they work on you with yours. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination (and your partner’s consent, of course!).

    Keep Your Male Masturbator Clean

    Keep Your Male Masturbator Clean

    As with all sexual activity, solo and with others, it is vital that you keep things hygienic even when you’re getting down and dirty. Thankfully, male masturbators are really easy to clean. When you’re done with a play session, take your toy over to the sink and run it under some warm water and wash with mild soap.

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    Try to stretch out the opening to let the water and soap run down and through the toy to ensure the inside area gets clean, too. We’ve also got special toy cleaners that are guaranteed to get your toy clean and ready for the next time.

    If all this talk of stroking has stoked your interest, take a look at our awesome lineup of male masturbator toys. Even if you’ve got your getting-off routine down, who doesn’t like a little variety? Your wrist will definitely thank you.


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