The Benefits of Orgasms for Men

Most guys would agree that ejaculating feels pretty great. But did you know that it could be good for your health?

Studies show that orgasms for men can come with a whole range of benefits. They don't just make you feel good — they can affect your body's functions. Just like getting more exercise or soaking up vitamin D from the sun, regular orgasms can be a part of a healthy routine.

With that being said, nothing about orgasms for men is one-size-fits-all. There are so many ways a man can orgasm, each different and with different mind-blowing results. Ejaculatory, anal, nipple, and more — there's a whole world of orgasmic pleasure to explore. 

So without further ado, let's dive into the world of male orgasms and their many benefits.

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The Benefits of Orgasms for Men

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Sex can be pretty amazing and even better with an explosive finish. But an orgasm is much more than just a burst of pleasure. It can have health-boosting properties, too, according to research. 

Let's dig deeper into what an orgasm can do for you. 

1. Strengthens Your Immune System 

What's the best way to ward off the cold and flu? Sleeping, drinking water, and getting enough vitamin C can help — but so can the occasional orgasm. 

A 2004 study found that men showed higher levels of white blood cells immediately after climax. Orgasms can help lower your risk of catching illnesses by increasing the number of antibodies in your bloodstream. 

2. Relieves Stress 

Having sex — or indulging in a solo session — can trigger your brain's reward pathways. This does more than make orgasms feel so good. It can also lower stress levels.

This is because orgasms release a neurotransmitter called oxytocin, decreasing stress, creating more powerful bonds between partners, and relieving pain. On top of oxytocin, orgasms can also remove the stress-relieving hormone dopamine. All this turns your body into a cocktail of feel-good hormones that can help you feel more relaxed.

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3. Lowers Risk of Prostate Cancer 

According to research, regular ejaculation can help ward off prostate cancer. One study found that ejaculating 21 times per month lowered the risk of prostate cancer. 

Another decade-long study suggests similar results, specifically with men older than 50. This study found that ejaculating at least four times per week can lower the risk of prostate cancer by 30% in older men.

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4. Boosts Self-Esteem

It might seem self-explanatory that getting in touch with your body's needs might improve your self-esteem. But there's a proven link between regular sexual pleasure and self-esteem. 

One study in 2011 found that sexual pleasure was linked to healthy psychological development in young adults, including measures of self-esteem. 

5. Improves Heart Health 

Sex might get your heart thumping, but there's more to the link between orgasms and your health. Regular sexual activity, including solo action, can benefit the health of your heart, especially for older men

According to research, men who orgasm once a month or less were 45% more likely to have a stroke or develop cardiovascular disease than those who had sex more than twice a week. Another study found that having frequent, high-quality sex lowered the risks of developing hypertension and rapid heart rate among those older than 65.

6. Increase Feelings of Intimacy

Oxytocin can help relieve stress, but that's not all it can do. Oxytocin is the "love hormone" that is linked to forming trust and deep relationship bonds. Released while you hug, touch, and orgasm, this hormone can cause couples to experience a feeling of trust and connection with their partner after sex. 

You might feel more inclined to cuddle or even drop an "I love you" for the first time after sex. A boost in oxytocin levels can contribute to overall satisfaction in a relationship

Types of Orgasms For Men

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Of course, the fun doesn't stop with your standard orgasm. An ejaculatory orgasm is precisely the kind we all know and love — stimulating the nerve endings in your penis until you orgasm, with a blissful afterglow. 

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But there's more to orgasms than just ejaculatory. If you're exploring the benefits of the male orgasm, it helps to know the kinds of pleasure you're working with. Here are some other ways you can experience the benefits of an orgasm:

Can Men Have Anal Orgasms? 

Accessible through the anus — yes, the butt — is a walnut-sized gland that unlocks a new level of pleasure. When pressure is applied to the prostate, it can create a powerful sensation.

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If done right, it can even lead to the infamous P-spot orgasm without penile stimulation. Anal orgasms for men can feel anything from an exciting shiver to a full-body explosion. While these orgasms can be achieved with good old-fashioned stimulation, suitable vibrating prostate toys — like this powerful prostate massager — can add the perfect amount of pressure for multiple prostate orgasms.


Can Men Have Multiple Orgasms? 

The idea of multiple orgasms is often seen as the ideal male sexual experience. For some, it feels unreachable — or even mythical. It's a big deal for guys. 

Climaxing multiple times in quick succession can feel impossible, especially since the average recovery time for ejaculator orgasms can be anywhere between minutes and hours. 

Unless you're one of the lucky few with a brief refractory period, you might be out of luck when ejaculating multiple times. That being said, multiple orgasms are possible.

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By focusing on your breathing and practicing suppressing your ejaculation, you too can experience the thrill of consecutive orgasms. Another way to experience that sensation is by concentrating on prostate orgasms — those don't rely on ejaculation.

Can Men Orgasm Without Ejaculating? 

You might be thinking that orgasms equal ejaculation. After all, you'll find that in almost every textbook or sex-ed manual. 

But orgasms and ejaculation are separate processes. While they tend to happen simultaneously, they don't necessarily have to. An orgasm is just the peak of your sexual pleasure — you can do that without stimulating the penis, let alone ejaculating. 

So yes, it's possible to experience an orgasm without anything coming out, whether you're stimulating the penis or another erogenous zone. You don't even have to be hard to share a prostate orgasm

Can Men Have Nipple Orgasms? 

The nipples are a powerful erogenous zone, and each nipple has hundreds of sensitive nerve endings. What's more, stimulating the nipples can create the same sensation in the brain as when stimulating your genitals. 

Whether with hands, mouths, or even a precise bullet vibrator, the right kind of nipple play can create full-body fireworks — or even an orgasm. And yes, men can have them too! 

Masturbation — Does It Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

male masturbation orgasm

It's a common myth that masturbation can cause erectile dysfunction, but it's time to clarify that misconception for good. No amount of masturbation can cause ED, whether you're masturbating once a month or multiple times a day. 

The root cause of erectile dysfunction isn't clear, but it can be a combination of physical and psychological factors. How you masturbate or have sex probably isn't at fault for any erection or ejaculation issues. 

Certain kinds of sex toys can help your erectile dysfunction. Let's explore a few of those below. 

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Penis Pumps 

Penis pumps or male masturbators are essentially sleeves that create a powerful vacuum. This increases blood flow, which can immediately increase both length and girth — creating a more robust erection for penetrative sex. On top of improving immediate sexual performance, it can enhance your penis health over time. 


Cock Rings

A cock ring is another great way to instantly make your erection feel harder. One of these vibrating cock rings applies pressure to the base of the penis, while vibrations add a thrilling sensation of pleasure. 

These rings provide just enough restriction to make your cock harder and more prominent than before. It can help you last longer in bed if you experience ED and premature ejaculation.





When you think of vibrators, penises probably don't come to mind. But vibrations can be an effective tool to combat erectile dysfunction.

Place a handheld vibrator at the head of the penis or on the perineum, the skin between the scrotum and anus. It's perfect for prostate stimulation. Deep, pulsing vibrations might be just what you need to get the blood flowing back into your penis for an erection.




Hands-Free Orgasm With Masturbators for Men  

Have you ever wondered how to have an intense orgasm as a man?

Well, there are plenty of ways to do it, but this is one you might not have heard of yet: hands-free orgasms.

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If you've ever wanted to sit back and enjoy the buzzing magic of a sex toy after a long, stressful day, these toys might be for you. From silicone sleeves to strokers, these toys can be mounted against anything — the bathroom wall, bedroom door, or even the kitchen floor. Many of them come with vibrating mechanisms and automatic thrusters that take care of the back and forth motion for you. 

All you have to do is lay back and ride out the pleasure of your hands-free orgasm.

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Making the Most Out of Your Orgasm

From nipple orgasms to P-spot orgasms, there are many ways to reach climax. While orgasms can come with obvious perks — like overwhelming pleasure — there's more to the big O than you might think. 

Regular orgasms can have a potent physical effect on men, whether stress relief or heart health. And contrary to some rumors, there's no way you can orgasm too much. So whether you're feeling like getting off daily or it's more of an occasional burst of pleasure, there's no way to do it wrong. Every man can enjoy the benefits of an orgasm. 

Ready to get the most out of your orgasmic pleasure?

At JIMMYJANE, we put sexual wellness first. Our toys can help you feel the full benefit of the male orgasm by exploring everything your body has to offer.

Whether you want to venture into the world of the prostate play or maximize sensations with a vibrating cock ring, our high-quality products can help you experience climax like never before. 

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