Let’s Cum to An Agreement—Benefits of Orgasms for Women

    In this day and age, women should be liberated and feel free to speak openly about their sexuality. While the journey to get here has been full of struggle, women (and people with vaginas in general) must find pleasure.

    A study in 2015 conducted in Finland reports that 46% of women said they could orgasm nearly or mostly every time they had intercourse. Another US study in 2017 reported that 37% of women needed at least some clitoral stimulation to orgasm. On the other hand, most men report that they can reliably orgasm from intercourse.

    Understanding these disparate facts combined with this massive shift in gender norms we’ve experienced since the third wave of feminism is…..well….confusing. We have these scientific facts about women’s sexuality and how to pleasure women, yet only 46% of women regularly orgasm during intercourse?

    Let’s dive into female orgasms, what they are, how to achieve one, and all the other nitty-gritty facets of the female orgasm.

    What Is an Orgasm?

    What Is an Orgasm

    An orgasm is a feeling of intensified pleasure during sexual activity. There are many narratives about what an orgasm is, as the sensations — and what leads up to it — are different for everybody. If you have an orgasm, you might have a shortness of breath, or your heart might beat faster than average. You also might ejaculate. It usually occurs during the height of arousal or a specific sexual activity.

    What Are the Different Types of Orgasms You Can Have as a Woman?

    There is no scientific reason for women to orgasm. For men, orgasming is a crucial part of reproduction and the continuation of the human race...blah blah blah. BUT, as a woman, there are many different ways that you can orgasm.

    The main categories of genital orgasms that women can have are clitoral, vaginal, and cervical. However, it is also possible to orgasm from various erogenous zones throughout the body and through anal stimulation.

    Clitoral Orgasm

    The clitoris sits atop the vagina and urethra. It’s like the crown jewel of the outward female reproductive system. A jewel is a great way to describe it because the clitoris exists simply to generate pleasure.

    Clitoral stimulation can easily lead to orgasms by merely touching, rubbing, or any type of outside stimulus — more on how to have an orgasm through clitoral stimulation later.


    Vaginal Orgasm

    Below the clitoris and urethra is the vaginal opening. The vagina is a long, flexible, muscular canal. The lining inside the vagina can lubricate itself and feel good. Research shows that only one-third of women can have vaginal orgasms, but differentiating between vaginal and clitoral orgasms is difficult.

    Sometimes you can even have a combination of vaginal and clitoral orgasms. There are clitoral nerves attached to the vaginal canal. Some say that vaginal orgasms are more physically intense than just clitoral orgasms. Culturally, we have placed a lot of importance on penetrative, vaginal sex, and vaginal orgasms. These are rare forms of orgasm, yet people with vaginas can feel pressured to have them.


    Cervical Orgasm

    Cervical orgasms are the most advanced, expert level of penetrated vaginal orgasms. They require the deepest penetration and are physically supposed to be the most intense in terms of sensation.

    To be clear, a cervical orgasm comes from stimulating the cervix via vaginal penetration. The cervix is not penetrated. You can achieve a cervical orgasm either by yourself with a toy or possibly your hands or with a partner.



    Erogenous Zone Orgasm

    You can literally orgasm from a particular spot in your ear. You can also orgasm from having your nipples be fondled or stimulated. Various other places on the body are loaded with sensitive nerve endings.

    The scientific definition of orgasm is so loose, and everyone’s bodies are so different, there’s no way to precisely say where and how people orgasm even generally. If you or your partner can get turned on by being touched on the back of the neck, definitely do that!

    Anal Orgasm

    People with vaginas can get anal orgasms from stimulating the different highly sensitive nerve endings near the anus. Some scientists even believe that the nerve endings of the clitoris end at the anus, and that’s why people with vaginas can orgasm from anal sex.




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    What Can Cause a Woman to Orgasm?

    Scientifically, culturally, and anthropologically speaking, there is no singular way to orgasm — it's all about a heightened state of arousal. This can occur anally, vaginally, clitorally, or from an erogenous zone anywhere on your body. Some people even say that they can experience an orgasm from merely fantasizing.

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    What Does an Orgasm Feel Like for People with Vaginas?

    What Does an Orgasm Feel Like for People with Vaginas

    Orgasms are so incredibly personal. It can be stressful, especially for women and other vagina owners. Many women feel pressure to have a specific type of experience with their orgasms. It can generally feel like a raised heart rate, a heightened feeling of pleasure followed by waves of pleasure, a small sigh, or little pops of good feelings. Those are just some women’s experiences.

    How Many Times Can Someone with a Vagina Orgasm?

    There are no limits to how many times someone with a vagina can orgasm! Unlimited times — in any way you or they decide.

    Do Some People with Vaginas Not Orgasm, and If So, Is That Cause for Concern?

    There is a slew of reasons someone who has a vagina may not be able to orgasm, which can include:

      • Not feeling aroused enough
      • Anxiety, stress, or depression
      • Chronic pain
      • Menopause
      • Relationship issues between partners
      • Pelvic surgeries
      • Other serious medical conditions

    Not being able to orgasm is nothing to worry about. There are plenty of women who enjoy sex without orgasms. Your sex life is about you and your preferences; this could or could not entail orgasming.

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    What Are the Mental and Physical Benefits of Orgasms for Women?

    There's limited data on the benefits of orgasms for women, and they don’t conclusively prove that orgasms lead to better health. However, it can’t be debated that orgasms feel good and are relaxing. This can lead to better sleep and less stressed-out mindsets.

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    How Long Can a Female Orgasm Last?

    People with vaginas can orgasm for up to two minutes. The most common median quota length is from three to fifteen seconds.

    How Can Someone with a Vagina Orgasm, Or How Can Their Partner Give Them an Orgasm?

    How Can Someone with a Vagina Orgasm, Or How Can Their Partner Give Them an Orgasm

    As listed before, the different types of orgasms that people with vaginas can have are:

    • Vaginal: Stimulation from being penetrated with either a penis or a luxury sex toy like a dildo or vibrator. The Gama Dildo is perfectly designed for g-spot stimulation alone or with a partner.

    • Clitoral: Either through masturbation, a sex toy, oral sex, or any other type of touching, the clit can provide incredible sensations. The Apex uses suction and a function that acts as a tongue for some great clitoral stimulation. It has the bonus of a g-spot dildo as a handle.

    • Anal: Anal orgasms can happen through anal sex or by yourself with a toy. The Dia is a remote-controlled vibrator/anal plug.

    • Erogenous Zones: Orgasm from erogenous zones can be reached by stimulating sensitive parts of your body like the nipples, nape of the neck, and around the groin.

    What Are Some Misconceptions Associated with a Woman's Orgasm?

    There are many misconceptions surrounding women’s orgasms. Many people (including some women) think that if women do or do not orgasm, their sex is somehow better or worse. They believe it should be a loud, long, intense affair.

    The biggest misconception out there is that anyone can tell any other person what they like, what sex is, or that their expression of their gender or sexuality is wrong. You and your partner get to forge your own sex lives. Sex should be a safe and loving space where each partner feels held, considered and accepted.

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    All women are worthy of experiencing pleasure. And while most of them are physically able to, they should feel empowered to indulge in those feelings. The benefits of orgasms for women are that it feels good, relieves stress, and might have other health benefits.

    Besides using your hands, an excellent way for self-pleasure and reaching an orgasm is introducing toys that help you achieve your best orgasm. A woman's orgasm is empowering, and a woman should feel free about her self-pleasure.

    Don’t be afraid to check out the Jimmy Jane “For Her” section.


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