On the Edge of Glory - What is Edging?

Edging is when you control your own or your partner's orgasm.

It's a common technique to expand lovemaking, increase sensation and have fun. Sometimes orgasm control can be used in BDSM contexts, but it can also exist in non-BDSM spaces. 

It is difficult to say precisely how standard Edging is or where it originated because it is not currently well studied. However, what is clear is that it must be practiced to some extent because there are many different edging techniques now populating the zeitgeist. 

If you have ever wondered things like "what is sexual edging?" or "can edging fix sexual disfunction?", keep reading. 

What is Edging?

The term edging encompasses many different practices aimed at delaying an orgasm. "The edge" refers to the edge of orgasming or not. 

What Is the Purpose of Edging?

The purpose of Edging is to make sex or masturbation more intense and fun. Delaying organisms make the orgasm last longer and bring more sensation.

Some people have reported orgasms that last up to ten minutes from edging.

edging ways to orgasm

For penis-owners who struggle with premature ejaculation, Edging can help them gain more control over the body and experiment with how long they can last. For penis owners with difficulty maintaining an erect penis, Edging can help them stay harder for longer because it increases the amount of blood that rushes to the penis. 

Edging can be fun in partner settings because it helps focus on orgasming. It can widen a couple's sexual experience and extend it, allowing for more connection and making it more than just a sprint towards an orgasm. 

Similarly, BDSM edging often involves power dynamics were the dominant demands the sub to ask for permission before they orgasm. 

Does Edging improve sexual performance?

Learning how to edge yourself helps improve your sexual performance because it allows you to know what makes you cum.

What Are Some Must-Knows Before You Try Edging?

If you are on your own, Edging is a little easier because you can tell when your edge is the best. Long, deep will keep you going if you get close to your advantage.

With a partner, you may want to develop a communication system beforehand. This helps to quickly let each other know when you are too close or desire to orgasm.

What Are The Different Ways to Try Edging?

luxury sex toys ways to edging

You can experiment with edging any way you want, with a partner or as a treat to yourself. You can do edging clitorially, g-spot, anally, and through stimulating the penis. 

Many people also enjoy edging with luxury sex toys. This is an excellent option for partner practice because toys are easier to turn on and off reliably. The Form 2 is great for people with vulvas, while the Neptune 2 is an excellent multipurpose option for edge yourself, regardless of genitals.



What Are the Different Techniques for When You Try Edging?

Here are some methods to help explain edge play in a practical sense. 

Stop-Start Method: This can be done alone or with a partner. Start by stimulating any pleasure center either with your hands or a toy. A wand toy like the Exona or a remote-controlled plug like the Dia is an excellent luxury personal toy. The Astra could also work if you have a penis and don't like pins. The stop and start method is when you and your partner need to make a hand gesture system to know when either of you is on your edge.




Squeeze Method: 
The squeeze method is for penis owners to use in tandem with the stop-start technique. While you are masturbating, start and stop. In the intervals of when you stop masturbating, squeeze the head of your penis for up to thirty seconds. You can use the Arvos in between each squeeze you give yourself.


 This is for people with vulvas. It involves doing Kegels in between masturbating. Like the squeeze method, this will help physically stop you from orgasming because the Apex simulates the feeling of a tongue. It's a great toy to isolate the pleasure in between each kegel.


 Right before you orgasm, touch another part of you or your partner's body in a light and gentle way. Using something like the Canna and its multiple heads is excellent to shift the sensation to another part of the body.


BDSM: Even if you don't want to engage in an entire BDSM scene, you can still invite some elements of power play into your partner edging practices. The aspect of asking your partner before you finally orgasm increases communication and raises the stakes.


Is There Any Health or Sexual Benefits to Edging?

edging couples ways to have strong orgasm


For women, edging on your own can help you get to know your anatomy and practice masturbating for long periods. It will also allow you to experience an orgasm that might be way more intense than what you are used to.

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For men, Edging can prove to be helpful for both premature ejaculations and trouble sustaining erections. If you experience premature ejaculations, Edging can help you discover newfound mindfulness for how long you can wait till you orgasm. Additionally, the prolongment of sexual arousal needed for Edging makes it so that more blood will rush to your genitals than in other sexual interactions. This means that your penis will become and stay more erect.

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How Long Should Edging Last?

That is totally up to you or your partner. There is a fine line between staving off for more extreme pleasure and missing out on it. Don't worry about this. The more you practice edging, the better you will get at discerning when to let yourself orgasm. 

What Is the Difference Between Disappearing Orgasm and Ruined Orgasm? How Is It Related to Edging?

disappearing orgasm is when you are edging or otherwise being sexually stimulated, and your orgasm disappears

ruined orgasm is a BDSM practice where one person leads someone to almost orgasm and then intentionally prevents them from orgasm or gives them a low-grade orgasm. 

They are related because someone misses out on an orgasm they want in both cases, but a disappearing orgasm doesn't have to be intentional. They are both related to edging because, depending on which type of Edging you engage in, they could happen while trying edging. 

Are There Any Negative Effects to Edging Regarding Health and Sexually?

There are no known adverse effects of Edging. Some people believe that delayed ejaculation or DE is a symptom of Edging, but this is incorrect. DE is a health condition that is not related to Edging.

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Edge in Peace

Edging is an easy and exciting way to spice things up in any sexual situation with any partner. There are no negatives in trying rimming other than you might have a disappearing orgasm. So why not try it?

As with anything you do with a sexual partner, make sure you have a line of clear communication with them while and before you try edging. It is essential not only for everyone to feel comfortable but actually to edge effectively. 


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