5 New Takes on the Rabbit Vibe

Rabbit Vibrators Types

There are mini rabbit vibrators, medium rabbit vibrators, and big rabbit vibrators. Rabbit vibrators also come in a variety of shapes and designs. The shape of the clitoral stimulator, in particular, can vary widely. Consider whether you're looking for all-over stimulation or something a little more concentrated.

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G-spot Rabbit Vibrators

Every rabbit vibrator is designed to stimulate multiple areas, but some may emphasize one area over another. Keep an eye on design, particularly where motors are placed, to ensure that the area you care most about is taken care of.

Silicone Rabbit Vibrators

Toys with motors meant for insertion are almost always best when made from silicone. Silicone is resilient and flexible, making it a better choice for vibrators than rubber or glass. It also doesn't contain phthalates or other skin irritants like plastic or rubber jelly. The best part is that it isn't porous, so microbes won't stick around after cleaning.

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Waterproof Rabbit Vibrators

rabbit vibrators

Many rabbit vibrators are waterproof. This is an excellent feature because it makes your toys easier to wash, not to mention submerge during bath time. And, if your vibrator is doing its job, it'll get pretty wet regardless.

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Anal Rabbit Vibrators

While the best-known rabbit vibrators are designed to stimulate the G-spot and the clitoris, some are explicitly designed to stimulate the anus, the vagina, the anal cavity, and the perineum. And of course, given thorough cleanings between uses, toys that aren't necessarily explicitly made for it can be used in the anal cavity. 

The Warming Rabbit


The first vibrator to combine warming sensations with the dual stimulation of a rabbit vibe. It heats up to just above body temperature for a gentle warmth that increases pleasure.

The Efficient Rabbit


A small and simple design that gets the job done right every time. The thumb-like clit stimulator presses against the clitoris for powerful direct stimulation that rivals the fluttering "ears" of other rabbits.

The Waterproof Rabbit



Waterproof Flexible Rabbit Vibrator has a bulbous tip, powerful motor, a pebble-shaped clitoral stimulator. It’s shorter size with the EZ Grip™ Handle is the most comfortable ever created.

When pressure is appplied, the Reflexx™ Bounce-Back action springs back, creating a natural orgasmic motion to explore dozens of potential pleasure frequency combinations.


Featuring a discretionary travel-lock, the ergonomic designs provide the ultimate comfort - the best companions for any trip.



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