Come Again? Learn How to Use a Massage Wand To Create Magic During Sex

    There's a reason they call it a magic wand. These iconic sex toys have been a mainstay in bathroom drawers since the 1970s. What started as a discreet, general massaging tool meant to soothe sore muscles quickly became a go-to source for female pleasure. Women in the know realized they could escape the taboo of talking about or buying a vibrator and experience mind-blowing orgasms at the same time. And then couples caught on to the fact that it could tease and please both partners. Talk about sorcery...

    What Is a Massage Wand?

    What Is a Massage Wand

    Massage wands have historically been big, foot-long devices with soft, flexible rubber heads that vibrate. They are incredibly powerful tools for clitoral stimulation. Some think they resemble microphones, and they will definitely make you sing.

    If you're wondering how a massage wand works, look to their robust motors and overly large heads, which come together to relieve tension all over the body. Old-school models were exclusively corded, but now many are also rechargeable and easy to take on the go. Some, like our JimmyJane Canna Wand, are even splashproof. Shower-play, anyone?

    How Do You Use a Massage Wand?

    Learning how to use a wand massager isn't all that complicated. Because the head can flex, they bend with your body and fit your natural contours. The large, long handles make them easy to maneuver all over yourself or your partner. They also don't make your hand vibrate, allowing you to deliver focused tingles to the area of your choice sans fatigue. They're meant for external use only, though, so don't go forcing one where the sun doesn't shine.

    Before using your massage wand, ensure it's fully charged and ready to go. In the case of a noisy toy, you'll want to ensure you have some privacy. Then, make sure you're ready to go.

      1. Placing the head directly on your sensitive areas without first warming them up with a little foreplay can be overwhelming.

      2. Once you're nice and hot, it's time to start playing around. Begin by applying gentle pressure to anywhere that feels good — your breasts, inner thighs, neck, etc. If you're especially sensitive, place a piece of fabric between you and the wand, keep your undies on or use a pillow to absorb some of the vibrations. We're not joking when we say these babies are powerful!

      3. Lightly move your wand massager around your body. Start with gentle pressure and explore yourself to learn how your body responds. Eventually, you'll make your way to your clit. Try using gentle taps around it before diving into direct contact. Slow and steady wins the race, after all.


    How Can a Massage Wand Help During Sex?

    How Can a Massage Wand Help During Sex

    Massage wands are workhorses when it comes to personal pleasure. But these versatile toys can do so much for you and your partner during sex, too. Because they deliver potent stimulation and strong, rumbling vibrations, they can be used during foreplay, during penetration and even afterward as a relaxing massager.

    When you're just revving up, you and your partner can take turns using a massage wand on the other. Whether you're giving them an all-over rubdown or simply teasing them with light sensations, there are lots of things you can explore.

    During sex, how to use a wand vibrator depends on what you're aiming for. You can use it during penetration to heighten your or your partner's arousal, then back off before you get off. This tug of war can be extremely exciting and can help build anticipation. If you're going for the gusto, placing a massage wand directly on your clit before and during climax can result in an intense, mind-boggling orgasm.

    Positions and Techniques to Get Your Motor Running

    There are a few ways you can leverage your little helper to get the most out of it during sex. When you're just starting, figuring out how to wield one can feel a little awkward, but trust us — you'll be having fun in no time. Here are a few positions where using your wand will be unforgettable.


    Whoever said missionary was boring? In this position, slip your wand between you and your partner. Hold it the same way you would when masturbating on your back. Your partner's weight can help keep it in place and add some delightful extra pressure. Because of the massage wand's length, you don't have to stretch far or bend to position it where you need it. And if your beloved stays propped up on their arms, there's plenty of room to maneuver. You can still make out and nibble on their neck and ears. Prepare for full-body bliss!

    Doggy Style

    Getting on all fours has never been more enticing than with a wand. If you don't feel like using your arms to hold the wand up, lie on your stomach and place a few pillows beneath your hips. As you lean against them, have your partner enter you during the Doggy Style position. This is also a great time for them to use their fingers or a dildo on you.

    The Spoon

    Whether you're partial to the traditional spoon lazy lovers adore or the seated spoon in front of the mirror, a wand vibrator is the ideal third partner. You have total control of your clitoris in this position, allowing you to choose the level of stimulation you want while your partner penetrates you. If you have a mirror in front of you, both of you will be in for a visual treat.

    There are also a handful of techniques you can try with your wand, both solo and with your other half. After all, what are massage wands used for if not a little experimentation? Consider...

    • EdgingWand massagers are perfect for edging, also known as orgasm control. They can bring you or your partner to the cusp of orgasm with ease. Do this as many times as you can stand for a scream-worthy O.

    • Angling itRoll it, push it, press it, bop it — you get the picture. Use the tip, the sides, the top, or whatever angle you like to get that perfect sensation.

    • Upping the powerDrive yourself crazy by starting slow then cycling through all the vibration modes.

    • Masturbation for twoIf you're looking to give your partner a little friendly oral, you can get off at the same time, too. Fold a pillow in half and place your massage wand on top. Straddle the wand so that it's against your clit, and go to town.

    • Getting kinkyIf you like kinky play, the massage wand can be a tool of torturous pleasure. Use its powerful settings to arouse your partner and bring them to the edge while they're restrained. Maybe they'll come, or maybe they won't...that's up to you.

    Where Can a Massage Wand Be Used?

    A massage wand's large head can go anywhere that gives you pleasure. Use it to invigorate the anus, clit, nipples, penis or anything you like. Just keep it clean! And beware cross-contamination. If you're going to use it to stimulate you or your partner's anus, don't then move it straight to your clit without washing. Between uses, use our JimmyJane Antibacterial Toy Cleaner. Just spray, wipe with a clean cloth and let your toy air dry before storing.



    What Sets a Great Massage Wand Apart?

    What Sets a Great Massage Wand Apart

    A good massage wand gets you off. A great massage wand gives you a full-body orgasm that rocks you to your core. When looking for the right tool for you, take a few considerations into account. You're going to want:

    • A strong motor
    • Whisper-quiet operation
    • An ergonomic design
    • Multiple high-performing vibration modes
    • A velvety soft texture
    • A luxe look

    It doesn't hurt to be rechargeable and splashproof either. And don't forget about the size!

    If you want something more compact and perfect for precision handling, our Jimmyjane JJ Body Massager will take you where you want to go. If you’re looking for the latest and the greatest, check out our two brand new toe-curling wand toys: our Canna Massage Wand with interchangeable heads and our Exona Mini.



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