Butt Plug 101

Ahhh the world of anal play. Although still viewed as a taboo by some, anal play is a great way to explore new things, feel new sensations and push your boundaries. Butt plugs are a great way to begin your exploration into the world of anal pleasure.

These toys are beginner friendly and come in a variety of shapes and sizes so you can find the perfect plug for you. We are here to share some tips and tricks while breaking down the myths.

As mentioned, there are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to anal play and the toys that come along with it. Let’s shatter those taboos and learn more so you can find your dream butt plug and finally explore your “back door”.

Myth: Butt Plugs Are Only For Women

Butt plugs are for anyone well, with a butt. Gender does not matter. The only difference between male and female anal play is the “spot” that is contributing to all that mind-blowing pleasure.

For men, the p-spot is the “feel good” target spot. The P-spot is located about 2 inches into the anus and is essentially your prostate gland.

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Butt plugs like the DIA are specifically designed to target the p-spot for targeted, toe curling pleasure. It is also a perfect plug for beginners of any gender.


For the ladies, the “A-spot” is what contributes to your nerve chilling anal please. The “A-spot” is located approximately 5-6 inches into the anus. Although harder to reach than the p-spot, there are anal toys specifically designed to hit that perfect point. A sex toy like the Cissus is perfect for stimulating those harder to reach pleasure points while offering a variety of uses.


Butt plugs
also help with narrowing of the vaginal canal which may cause increased sensitivity and tension resulting in even more pleasure for you (and your partner). In general, the anus has TONS are nerve endings to explore making it perfect for all genders.

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Fact: Lube Is Your Best Friend

That’s right! Lube it up! Unlike the vagina, the anus does not produce a natural self-lubricant to keep things slippery and smooth for easy insertion. The rectum also includes delicate tissue that can tear unless lubricated properly.

Therefore, lube is so important especially for first time anal explorers. If you’re using a silicone-based toy, try a water-based lubricant. This ensures that it doesn’t break down the silicone of your toy. A great water-based lube to try is our JIMMYJANE Toy Lubricant.


If you’re toy is not silicone based, try a silicone-based lubricant before insertion for long lasting fun (even in the tub!) We suggest our silicone-based lubricant, the JIMMYJANE Silicone Lubricant for hours of fun. Using lube allows for easier insertion of your butt plug and a pain free, stress free, orgasm filled experience.

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Myth: You’re Going To Poop

We have all heard this myth one or twice! For those who haven’t explored anal play before, it is natural to associate the feeling of “fullness” with the feeling of having to go number 2.

This is because your butt plug stimulates the same nerve endings that are triggered when you need to use the restroom. We know you may recognize that familiar feeling of pressure and get nervous but don’t stress! This does not mean you have to remove your plug and run to the nearest bathroom.

Try to relax and remember that it is just your nerve endings causing you to feel that way. It is also suggested that you take care of any potential bowl movements before inserting your toy to make the experience more enjoyable and washing between uses as well.

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Fact: You Should Limit Your Butt Plug Use To 2-3 Hours

We know what you try your first butt plug – you won’t want to stop!

Although it is generally safe for you to wear your butt plug for longer than the suggested 2-3 hours, we recommend listening to your body and not pushing yourself especially your first couple of experiences. Pay attention to any messages your body is sending you while you are wearing your butt plug and adjust accordingly.

Since your rectum does not have any pain receptors, it is easier to not realize something is wrong until it is too late. Therefore, it is also important to check in with your partner when exploring anal play together to better understand each other’s comfort levels and preference.

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Myth: It Is Going To Get Stuck Inside

Don’t freak out!

Your butt plug will not get stuck or go missing inside of you! Most butt plugs today are designed with a flared base that is designed for easy removal of your toy.

Just grab the base and slowly remove your toy. This flared base also prevents any accidents that may cause the butt plug to go too far. Butt plugs like our Diamanté Plug and Ario include fun bases that allow for easy, stress free, removal of your toy. We also recommend using lube as previously mentioned to ensure smooth and easy removal of your butt plug.


Fact: Butt Plugs Are For All Levels

butt plugs

Butt plugs aren’t only for the experienced anal toy user. In fact, butt plugs are a great way to explore anal play and learn more about what you like and dislike.

We recommend starting with some “beginner friendly” butt plugs like our JimmyJane Ersa and limiting the duration of use until you know what works best for you.

Using lube will also help make your first experience smooth and stress free. Another great benefit of adding butt plugs to your sex toy collection is that it makes other anal toys easier to use!

When using your butt plug, it allows the sphincters to open up and stretch the anal canal. It also relaxes your anal muscles which can sometimes tighten especially when exploring something new. These both contribute to easier insertion for not only your butt plug but anything else you want to explore with while participating in anal play!


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