Using Oils for Giving a Sensual Massage on Valentine's Day

    Valentine's Day can bring pleasure and pain. Choosing the right gift, dreaming up the best date or creating an erotic evening can be downright daunting. So allow us to make a suggestion that will simplify things and please your partner — try giving a sensual massage to your beloved on Valentine's Day using intimate massage oil.

    Questions on how to use massage oil for providing the perfect pleasure-inducing rubdown?

    Here’s a guide to get you up to speed on this special indulgence.

    The Different Types of Massage Oils

    You might be wondering, what is massage oil?

    Put simply, it's an oil used to lubricate the skin and reduce friction during a massage. While it might be tempting to use something you already have, like baby oil, the strong scent likely isn't what you're looking for when you're trying to set the mood.

    Instead, you're going to want something that allows your hands to glide smoothly over your partner's body without distracting them from the luxurious sensations they're feeling. That's why many people opt for “carrier oils,” which are free of strong fragrances, absorb quickly and nourish the skin.

    These are ideal for adding aromatherapy essential oils like lavender, sandalwood or clary sage — which can help with everything from heightened arousal to relieving stress. Some of the most popular carrier oils are:

    • Sweet almond oil
    • Jojoba oil
    • Grapeseed oil
    • Apricot kernel oil
    • Virgin coconut oil

    Okay, so you know what to use for massage oil. But what if you're not interested in DIY aromatherapy yet still want to tempt and tease with the help of scintillating aromas?

    That's when you bring on sumptuous substances like cocoa or shea butter, which have their own indulgent scents. They tend to be heavy, so mix them in with other oils when targeting areas where you'd like to pay special attention.

    Choosing the Right Massage Oil

    JimmyJane Massage Oils

    Choosing which oil is best for massage comes down to a few considerations. Think about the atmosphere you're trying to create — are you looking to relax, soothe, excite, stimulate or all of the above?

    Playing around with different scents and consistencies will help you find the right oil to get the job done.



    Those who like to take their time should consider oils that absorb slowly. Options like fractionated coconut oil tend to be on the sticky side, making them perfect for shorter strokes that relieve tension. If you're looking for something that glides well but doesn't absorb so quickly you have to keep reapplying, sweet almond and apricot kernel oil are solid contenders.

    What is the best massage oil for couples?

    It all depends on what gets you off.

    If you like showering together, you can't go wrong with sesame oil. Thanks to its lightweight consistency and skin-quenching capabilities, it's ideal for giving an impromptu massage when you step out of the tub.

    Jojoba oil is just as beneficial for hair as it is for skin, making it excellent for scalp massages. Amp it up with a few drops of peppermint essential oil, which relieves anxiety, helps with dryness and offers a pleasant cooling sensation.


    Nothing derails a train to total bliss like an adverse reaction, so take allergies into account. For example, avoid almond oil if you have a nut allergy, and steer clear of coconut oil and shea butter if you have latex sensitivities.

    Bear in mind that some oils, like sweet almond, can stain sheets. Using a soft, washable blanket solves this problem.

    Oils also break down condoms, so a wipe down is necessary if you're planning on ending things with protected penetration. Use this opportunity to gently clean your partner to work in more sensory touch and toe-curling tingles.

    How To Set the Mood for a Massage

    Creating the right ambiance is key to an erotic evening. And there’s no better time than Valentine's Day to go all out.

    Wherever you choose to have your sensual session, make sure it's a place that's calm, serene and free of any clutter. That way you can relax and focus on each other. Then, choose a little mood music. Queue up a playlist that will put your partner in the right frame of mind. Make sure it's commercial-free!

    If you want to give the gift of anticipation, draw them a bath while you set things up. That way they'll be nice and relaxed, and you can both get excited for what's to come...

    Next, it's time to bust out the candles. Place a few around the room in areas where you won't have to worry about accidents. Make sure they have aromas that complement the oils you're using to add another layer of scented sensuality. Plus, candlelight is extremely flattering on the body — providing a nice feast for the eyes.




    How To Give a Sensual Massage Using Massage Oils?

    Valentines Day Sensual Massage

    Now that you have your little oasis set up, we can move on to how to give the perfect massage on Valentine's Day. If you like, tantalize your partner with a light touch all over first without oil. A clean feather duster can work wonders here.

    Apply a generous dollop of oil to your hands and rub them together to warm it up. Use long, gliding strokes to apply it to your partner.

    1. Start slowly, and begin somewhere that isn't too sensitive. We like to start with the temples. Depending on the area you're working on, you can rub, stroke or press. For heightened intimacy, long strokes are best for maintaining skin contact. No need to rush, letting the internal excitement build as your touch progresses all over the body. Just remind your partner that good things come to those who wait...

    2. Don't forget neglected areas like the fingers, wrists, face, back of the neck, inside the elbows and behind the knees. Stimulate the scalp with the tips of your fingers and apply light pressure between the eyes and across the eyebrows. Your loved one will appreciate your attention to detail. If the goal is to give your beloved a happy ending, consider the Sensation Lubricant, since it can be used as a sexual lubricant.

    Massage Techniques for Him and Her

    A newbie masseuse looking to satisfy their lady love might wonder how to give her a sensual massage without having ever tried it yet. Allow us to assist...

    Getting Her Going

    There are some tried and true methods for massaging a woman's body, and anyone can do them! Caress her temples, then trace her facial bones and make your way to her neck. Glide down the shoulders and back before sliding to her arms and legs. Focus on areas where she's holding tension.

    1. Use your thumb to apply gentle to medium pressure while pressing, kneading and moving them in a circle. You can also use your palms to apply compression. Do this by pressing them flat and moving in a circular motion.

    2. Once she's feeling loose, you can move to her erogenous zones. These include, but aren't limited to, the:
    • collarbone
    • fingertips
    • ears
    • spine
    • feet

    3. Feel free to go back and forth between sensitive areas and regular ones to tease and tantalize.

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    Getting Him Going

    If you're planning on gratifying your man, you can always start with his hands. Whether they've been doing manual labor or typing on a computer, they've likely been through a hard day's work.

    1. Rub the inside of his palms with your fingers and massage his inner wrists with your thumbs.

    2. Apply compression to each finger and the base of his hands. Work your way down his forearms to his biceps and then to his back.

    3. Looking to make your way to your guy's erogenous zones? Here's how to give him a sensual massage using a few favorite spots, including:
    • the scalp
    • the ears
    • behind the knees
    • the back of the neck
    • the small of the back
    • P-Spot

    If your hands get fatigued, there's nothing wrong with using the rest of your body! Oil up your stomach, arms and chest, and get to work.

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    How To Further Enhance the Massage Experience

    Afterglow Massage Oil Candle and Contour Massage Stone

    Overachievers looking to work out those kinks can't go wrong with a few saucy additions. Give yourself a helping hand with our JIMMYJANE's Evoke Du-o, a vibrating massage wheel that effortlessly rolls across the body and stimulates the nerves. It's great for external and internal use. Talk about flexibility...


    Integrate temperature play with The Contour, a massage stone with smooth, polished surfaces that glide over the skin. Did we mention you can warm it up or cool it down, reverse it and pour oil directly into it? Gamechanger.


    For sexy simplicity, turn up the heat with the Afterglow Massage Oil Candle. With wax that melts at body temperature, you can pour it directly on the skin for some exciting experimentation. The stimulating aromatherapy ingredients work their magic while you take care of the rest.


    Don’t forget to experiment with our luxe vegan, paraben-free Massage Oils for your every mood: Restore, Energize and Hydrate.




    The Finishing Touch

    Now you're equipped to give your better half a V-Day they'll never forget. Whether you're new to sensual massage or are a sexual savant, you can't go wrong with a little help from your friends at JIMMYJANE. From titillating toys to mind-blowing accessories, there's something for every occasion.

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