How to use Massage Sex Candles?

Flowers? Check. ✓

Wine? Check. ✓

Candles and massage oil in one? ✓ and check if it's a burn massage candle

Wait, what is a massage candle?

It's the secret sauce to a sexy night with your partner

These candles, along with other romantic touches, are perfect for taking a date night to the next level of sexiness — and for a good reason. It has to do with how the brain works regarding desire.

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Research shows three kinds of sexual desirespontaneous, responsive, and contextual. These can be enhanced by lighting high-quality massage oil candles, which are great gifts for elevating appetite in any intimate relationship. 

massage oil and candle

  • Spontaneous desire is that overwhelming feeling of lust that comes about when you finally get up the courage to kiss the woman who's been laughing at all your jokes at the end of the night. When you're sitting next to that guy in the subway, you can just feel his pheromones pulsing near you. This kind of desire makes you want to jump the bones of the person next to you without any prompting. Three out of four men experience this kind of desire, compared to just 15% of women. Most women, instead, experience either responsive or contextual desire.

  • Responsive desire occurs in direct response to some stimulation. Maybe you weren't thinking about sex, but once someone starts touching or kissing you, the idea sounds pretty good.

  • Contextual desire is when those body massage candles and dim lights start to make a lot of sense. That's when the circumstances and environment impact a person's ability to feel sexual desire. Let's say the lights are bright and kids are screaming in the other room; you're probably not thinking about sex. But if you or your partner creates a sexy scene, that's another thing altogether.

So, if you don't have a massage candle ready to light, you're possibly missing out on one of the most effective ways to create a context for desire and romance. Keep reading this massage oil candles guide to answer all your questions on these sexy gifts.

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What Is a Massage Candle?

A massage candle may sound like a BDSM tool (and it could be… if you and your partner are into that), but that's not how it must be. These beautifully fragranced candles are made of ingredients that nourish the skin and can serve as a basis for foreplay.

massage oil candle

JIMMYJANE's collection of massage candles is set in sophisticated white porcelain holders, which look sleek and modern by the bedside or wherever you want to set up your sex scene.

The soy-based wax, which is designed to melt at body temperature, can double as a massage oil. The porcelain keeps the wax warm after the flame is extinguished, so the experience can last as long as necessary to get everyone in the mood.

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What Are Massage Candles Made Of?

Body massage candles differ from regular candles by their ingredients. Most regular candles for sale in the United States contain paraffin, beeswax, soy wax, palm wax, gel, or a combination of any or all of them. 

Manufacturers of ordinary candles will add in some natural or artificial fragrance, dyes, and other ingredients that aren't necessarily good for the skin.

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Massage candles for sex, meanwhile, are formulated specifically to feel good and nourish the skin. JIMMYJANE candles are made with moisturizing soybean oil, jojoba, shea butter, vitamin E, and aloe. The fragrances are natural and intoxicating but not overwhelming.


Benefits of Massage Candles

Not sure a massage candle is a good gift for a partner or a worthy splurge for yourself as you get ready to enjoy a healthy masturbation session?

Here are some clear benefits of having one burning by your bedside:

  • It sets the mood. Remember the idea of contextual desire? Once you light the candle, you send a powerful signal to your partner that you've got something on your mind — something they're going to like.

  • It helps you relax. A shoulder massage (leading to massage elsewhere) is a great way to let your partner unwind and start thinking about having fun together. Orgasms happen in the brain, so giving your partner a moment to breathe and get present can go a long way to creating a good time.

  • It smells great. Aromatherapy can be an aphrodisiac. Neroli, which is found in JIMMYJANE's Seaside Neroli candle, and sandalwood, a key ingredient in JIMMYJANE's Santal candle, are especially powerful.



You can use them for masturbation, too. While something is charming about massaging and receiving a message from a partner, there's no reason why you can't give yourself some love, too.

Self-massage, especially on your feet and hands, can help alleviate tension. Then you can relax with sensual self-touch.

Massage Oil Candle Options

You'll want to purchase a massage oil candle that combines high-quality massage oil with a luxurious fragrance. Other fragrances that are available in the, JIMMYJANE collection include the following:

  • Bergamot Rose has a classic scent known for reducing stress and anxiety. One study also proved that rose aromatherapy increases sexual desire and satisfaction for both men and women.


  • Tahitian Moss offers a scent that can bring back fond memories of beachfront getaways. If you've ever walked hand-in-hand with a lover on the beach, you know that it can feel amazing. Scent and memory are directly tied to the mind, meaning that creating an aromatic seascape can help bring pleasure no matter how far away from the water you are.


  • Velvet Spice has a fragrance that can spice things up in the bedroom. It's a surprising blend of spicy clove, nutmeg, oriental wood, intriguing notes of carrot seed, and musky amber. It's great for couples and individuals who love sexy, dark notes.


  • Red Tobacco is a masculine scent that's musky, dark, and sensual. The aroma includes Cuban Tobacco, saffron, amber, and cinnamon topped with robustness. If you or your partner love the idea of smoke rising from a cigarette dangling from moist lips, this one's for you.


How To Use Massage Candles?

Once you've decided on the best scent, you're ready to learn how to use massage candles. The process starts by simply lighting the wick.

  1. Burn massage candles for at least 10 to 15 minutes before you want to initiate play with your partner.

  2. You can begin sensual touch, kissing, and other foreplay like fingering and oral sex by candlelight. Take your time… this is all about making an earth-shatteringly memorable experience.

  3. After a good amount of wax has melted in the porcelain holder, blow out the flame. Check the waxy oil with a finger to ensure it's not too hot. Then you can either scoop more out with your fingers or pour it directly onto your lover's skin.

  4. Use the nourishing oil to start a sensual massage.

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Massage Sex Candle Additional Tips

using massage sex candles

  • Warm-up your hands. Cold hands on the skin can be shocking and cause tension, and that's the last thing you're going for. Before you blow out the candle, hold your hands at a safe distance above the flame.

  • Spread out a sheet. Although your silky sheets or bearskin rug may provide an extra-wonderful layer of sensation, you don't want the oil to stain anything. Make sure you've positioned your lover on something that won't distract you from the fun you're about to have.

  • Start slow, asking your partner about the pressure and places they are sore.

  • Use lots of oil. The candle's waxy oil helps hands glide effortlessly from one side of the body to the other — and back again. If your partner's skin is dry, you may need to use a little extra. JIMMYJANE's candles have extra-nourishing formulas, so you will find that a little goes a long way. Still, for a great massage, don't skimp.

  • Maintain skin contact. If you want to change from sitting on one side of their body to the other, keep a hand on their back as you move. This is a gentle way to keep the connection growing and help them know you're far from finished.

  • Don't go straight to the erogenous zones. Instead, provide a robust and non-sexual massage for long enough that your partner can fully relax.

  • Pay extra attention to the shoulders, thighs, and feet. Everyone loves this, especially if they have been stressed out, have worked out, or even sat around too long.

  • Be gentle as you move to the private areas. Use lots of the oil on the breasts but avoid using the massage candle directly on the penis and vagina. Use lube or your tongue instead. 




No one expects you to be a professional massage therapist when sharing a relaxing massage. Instead, the act is one of service. You're letting your partner know that they do good work every day and deserve some relaxation time. 

By the simple act of a loving touch, you can connect deeply with someone you care about in a safe, playful way. No matter what kind of sexual acts you both enjoy and will soon follow, starting with a relaxing, sensual massage is an act of service.

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That's a powerful love language many couples forget about. (Gifts are another love language, so massage candles make an excellent surprise for that special someone — it's a two-in-one!)

JIMMYJANE's high-quality massage oil candles last up to 32 hours and burn clean so that you won't worry about toxins. You can enjoy aromatherapy as the light fragrance fills the air.

Oils Sex Candles, Safety Reminders for Lovers

candle and massage oil

Things can heat up quickly when you light a massage candle and start rubbing your lover's body. In the name of responsible sex, it's worth remembering a few safety tips regarding massage oil candles:

  • Keep the flame away from combustible materials. If you have a net over your bed or a silk plant on the nightstand, make sure they're not going to engulf in flames while you're busy elsewhere.

  • Never leave the candle burning unattended.

  • Extinguish the flame before using the oil. You don't want to cause discomfort or burns.

  • Don't use the wax on sensitive areas, like the face or genitals.

  • Store the candle at room temperature.

Where Can I Buy Massage Oil Candles?

If you want to buy high-quality massage candles hand-poured and crafted with sophisticated and sensual scents, log on to

While they have lots of sex toys for him and her through which to browse, the easiest way to find the massage items is to search specifically for "candles." That's how you'll see the entire collection.

A massage candle for sex is a prevalent gift idea for people looking to foster a more vital intimacy and sexual connection with their partner. It's something that many people have never even heard of, but few people don't love the idea of a relaxing massage given by someone they love spending time with.

Try getting one or two fragrances for a holiday or anytime you want to create a special date night that brings the desire to the next level of sexual pleasure.


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