Waterproof Sex Toys | List of Toys That You Can Bring in the Water With You

The bath is a natural place to feel playful and erotic. You're already naked, and the warm water feels so good. Plus, you're already in the shower to clean up once you're done! 

Luckily, plenty of waterproof toys can enhance your pleasurable bath or shower time moments.

What types of vibrators/sex toys are waterproof?

Shower-friendly sex toys come in all shapes and sizes. And here at JIMMYJANE, we have plenty to choose from.

Can You Use Sex Toys in the Shower?

can i use sex toys in the bathtub

You can use some sex toys in the shower., but you should make sure that they are waterproof.

For some erotic bath time fun, make sure a toy is advertised as fully submersible to stay safe while you enjoy. Always read the included pamphlet for any water-related safety tips.

Watch out for toys that are marketed as "splashproof." These toys are not meant for the bath. However, splashproof toys are safe to wipe down with a wet washcloth and can usually be used in the shower.

Electronic toys become waterproof when their battery compartment or the charging port is properly sealed. Many of JIMMYJANE's waterproof toys use a magnetic charging point that is fully sealed within the toy, so there is no opening, making for safe waterproof gratification.

How do you know if your toy is waterproof or splash-proof?

The first step would be to read the instruction manual. If you threw it out when you opened your vibrator (we get it, you were excited), try looking up the toy online to see if you can find the specifications. If you still can't find anything, it's best to shop for a new toy that you know will withstand a wet playtime.

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Are JIMMYJANE Sex Toys Waterproof?

Yes, many JIMMYJANE sex toys are waterproof and fully submersible. Others are splashproof and can be used in the shower. Be sure to read the toy's description that interests you to find out details about how to use it safely in the shower or bath.

Once you receive your toy, keep the manual in case you have questions about using your toy safely.

Check the list of JIMMYJANE's Waterproof Sex Toys 

Waterproof Vibrators

Were you looking for a good buzz in the shower? Try one of our waterproof silicone vibrators. They have been designed with your pleasure and bath time in mind.

Waterproof Silicone Vibrators

Ascend 3

JIMMYJANE's Ascend 3 handheld vibrator is not only waterproof but also fully submersible. That means you can sit in the bath and relax while letting the Ascend 3 bring you to new heights of watery pleasure. The battery lasts for a whopping 90 minutes on one charge, so we hope you're OK with getting a little pruney because, with this one, you might be in the bath for a while!

The "Pebble Vibrator" comes with an advanced silicone design perfect for teasing or stimulating your nipples, clitoris, or any sensitive spot on your body. Use it on your own or with a sweetie for a great connection. This toy has three intensity settings and seven vibrating patterns, making for 21 options to bring you to new heights of toe-curling satisfaction.



This toy is perfectly curved to hit your g-spot in all the right places. With five vibrating patterns and five intensities to choose from, the options are endless with Euphor. You're sure to find one that brings you the ultimate fulfillment. 

It charges with a USB cable via a magnetic charging port, which can be fully submerged underwater. Use it by yourself or with a partner. With a run-time of about an hour and a half on a single charge, stay in the bath as long as you want! The water might get cold after such a long soak, but this toy can help to warm things up.


Ascend 2

This toy is customizable for your pleasure. It has two "ears" that you can bend to fit around your clitoris in the optimal position. The forked vibrator design lets you concentrate the powerful vibrations in the exact spot you want them. It has two strong vibrators that last up to two hours on one charge! Choose from three intensity levels and three vibrating modes to find the one that makes you moan the most.

The Forked Vibrator Ascend 2 is perfect for jet setters. It features a travel lock so it won't go off in your bag, helping you avoid an awkward TSA encounter. It's a great shower sex toy, and its waterproof quality also makes it fully washable.

Ruby Rabbit

Get your groove on rabbit-style with this JIMMYJANE take on a classic toy. It has a dynamic motor in the toy's tip, giving your g-spot vibrations as the rabbit ears stimulate the clitoris. There are ten unique vibration patterns to choose from. Try it on your own, or bring a friend to help.

This silicone waterproof vibrator charges with a USB cord. It can hold a charge for up to two hours, so even if you like to take a long bath, the Ruby Rabbit will stick with you along the way.



Electric Waterproof Magic Wand Sex Toy

A magic wand is already a girl's best friend. How can it get any better?

By making a magic wand waterproof, of course! JIMMYJANE has a few options for shower-safe magic wands.


This wand has everything. It comes with three detachable heads for different functions. Use the Canna anywhere on the body, or focus on your clitoris. Some men also enjoy the powerful vibrations from the seven different vibration patterns and the three different intensities available. 

This toy is splashproof and thoroughly shower safe, giving "singing in the shower" new meaning.


How to use a Wand Vibrator?


The Exona wand has five powerful vibration patterns and five intensity options. It fits perfectly in your hand and delivers strong vibrations to your clitoris, penis, or anywhere else you want to experience a pleasurable release. The battery lasts up to 90 minutes on one charge, allowing you to take all the time you need to reach new heights of pleasure.

As a splashproof toy, this magic wand isn't great for a bath but is perfect for shower time fun.


Male Waterproof Sex Toys

Neptune 2

Anyone who enjoys prostate stimulation will love the Neptune 2. It stimulates both the prostate and the perineum. You can wear it on your own or during a sexual encounter with a partner. Choose from seven vibrating patterns and three intensities to find the one that makes you squirm the most. You may even achieve a prostate orgasm with this toy.

If you like handing over control to someone else, give your partner the easy-to-operate remote and enjoy their pleasurable choices. It's fully submersible to have a soak and sit down or use it in the shower with the water streaming down. The battery, which is charged via USB cable and magnetic port, lasts up to 70 minutes.



Don't forget about the backdoor! Once you get it all squeaky clean, fill it up with Dia and enjoy a nice long soak. This toy has a separate remote control, so you can hand the reins over to someone who will make you squirm. The remote, which is easy to use, controls seven powerful vibration patterns and three gratifying intensity levels. 

People of any gender can enjoy this toy — everyone has a butt!

This booty toy is designed with safety in mind. The broad base makes it perfect for anyone looking to explore anal pleasures and helps to make it easier to remove. Submerge this toy in the bath with a magnetic charging port and make your waves.


Vibrating Shower Stroker

A stroker is a masturbation sleeve that people with penises can use. We have improved this concept by making a vibrating waterproof penis stroker that you can use in the shower! 


This silicone stroker has three excellent motors to give you a wild ride. The ribbed interior of Astra creates incredible sensations, while its 21 options for vibrations give you tons of variety to choose from. There is a motor on each side of the toy, plus one in the middle. The open design means it's flexible for many different shapes and sizes.

Use it on your own to rev up your engine, or try it with a partner. It's fully waterproof and perfect for poolside or bath time play.


Arvos (It's not Waterproof)

This shower-friendly stroker surrounds your penis with pleasure. Arvos has two motors, one at the base and one where the tip of your penis goes. It fully encompasses the penis, meaning it can stimulate the entire shaft in addition to the head. It's perfect for solo play but can also be fun for foreplay with a date.

With a battery time of 1 hour, you can steam up the bathroom quite a bit. While this toy is shower-safe, it is only splashproof, so it would be best not to submerge it in the bath.


Tips for Using a Sex Toy in the Shower or Bath

luxury waterproof sex toys

You already know how to use a sex toy, but using it in the shower or bath is different. Here are some tips to make your playtime even better.


Water-based lubricants tend to wash away quickly in the shower or bath. Silicone lube only works on non-silicone toys made out of materials like glass or metal. We recommend our JIMMYJANE Toy Lubricant for silicone toys, as it is a little thicker than our JIMMYJANE Intimate Lubricant. You may need to use more than usual to keep things slick in the water.



The Noise Factor

A vibrator used underwater tends to be a lot louder than usual. If you're trying to be discreet, the shower is probably a better option than the bath!

Don't Slip!

The bathtub is already a kind of slippery place to be. When you add lube into the mix, it can become hazardous. You may want to get a non-slip bath mat inside the tub to avoid unintentional falls. 

Water Levels Rising

If you plan on taking a sexy bath with your partner, don't fill up the tub. Two people displace more water than just one. If you both get in simultaneously, it could create a big splash that you'll need to clean up.

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While solo play in the shower or bath is pretty easy to figure out, you might wonder where to go when two people are involved. The tub is a great place to try some foreplay techniques with toys before moving to the bed. However, if you want to have even more fun in the bath, it usually works best if the penetrating partner lays down on their back so their receiving partner can ride them. It's a fun place to try reverse cowgirl!

Make it Moody

Some bathrooms have bright lighting or remnants of your daily routine. Instead, try to create a peaceful and relaxing environment by using candles instead of overhead lights. Bring in a Bluetooth speaker to play your favorite sexy tunes. Make it a romantic night to remember, whether you're alone or with someone else.

It's Time to Jump In!

Shower sex toys and bath sex toys add a new dimension to intimacy. JIMMYJANE's toys are designed to let you explore the possibilities and reap the pleasurable benefits. Sexploration doesn't end in the bedroom. Bring it to every room of the house — including the bathroom!


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