Let's Rub It In — What Is a Yoni Massage?

Ah, the vagina, that delicate secret place on a woman's body that can make you feel feminine and provide endless pleasure. The vagina has many names, and yoni has become one of the most famous names in recent years. 

The Sanskrit word yoni loosely translates to "a sacred place" — a fitting name for the vagina. You can give your yoni the tender care it deserves and embrace your sensuality through tantric yoni massages. 

You may wonder: What is a yoni massage?

We'll answer that question for you in this article. We'll also consider some of the benefits and cover techniques and tools you can use to make it even more pleasurable.

What Is a Yoni Massage?

yoni massage for women

A yoni massage — also known as a pelvic release massage — is a tantric practice involving massaging and gently touching the vulva and vagina. But you can also massage other areas, particularly the breasts, hips, and buttocks.

Surprisingly, yoni massages are not purely sexual despite their erotic nature. The aim of a yoni massage isn't to orgasm — it's for women to get to know their bodies via exploration and become more comfortable with them or for their partners to connect with them erotically.

The idea is for women to learn to embrace pleasure and release mental and physical tensions within the body. 

The Benefits of Yoni Massages

Yoni massages offer many great benefits to women for their sexual well-being and overall welfare.

1. Allow You To Control Your Sexuality

When you understand precisely what you like and dislike, you can control your pleasure more in your sexual experiences. 

Yoni massages may also enhance your relationship with your partner as you gain more control and freedom over your pleasure. When you find what pleases you, you can let your partner know. This will lead to more satisfying sex sessions, increasing your intimacy and desire for one another.

Yoni massages may help you work through sexual trauma as you learn what you enjoy and take control of your sexuality.

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2. Help You Enjoy More Orgasms

Your body becomes more sensitive and erogenous when you complete regular yoni massages. This means you can awaken different body parts and learn how to stimulate them to achieve orgasms

Massaging also boosts blood flow and oxygen to your vagina, which causes you to get wetter and have more intense orgasms.

Finally, focusing more on getting to know your body allows you to relax and get out of your head. Instead of focusing on the usual hot spots to achieve an orgasm, you can enjoy the sensations. And since relaxation is one of the best ways to open your body to orgasms, you may have one unexpectedly!

3. Help Relieve Pelvic Pain and Tension

Yoni massages are fantastic for women who experience pain during intercourse or penetrative masturbation. No matter how aroused you are, fear of pain can cause the pelvic muscles to spasm involuntarily.

Yoni massages can help to release muscle tension from your vaginal walls, pelvic floor, uterus, and cervix, helping you relax during penetrative sex. You can explore deliberate penetration to teach your body to enjoy prolonged friction and penetration gradually.

Yoni massages also relieve other common causes of pelvic pain and tension, including:

  • Irregular periods
  • Menstrual cramps
  • Constipation
  • Painful bowel movement

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How To Give a Yoni Massage to Your Partner

how to give a yoni massage in your partner

You can perform a yoni massage on yourself, but performing one on your partner can deepen your relationship as you get to know their body intimately. There are several steps to giving a yoni massage.

1. Set Up the Environment

The yoni massage for healing is about the journey of exploration and pleasure, so creating a suitable environment for the experience is essential.

Choose a comfortable, private space where you and your partner can move freely. Make sure you have all the items you need for an uninterrupted session, such as:

You can also create an ambiance with low lights, scented candles, and relaxing music to allow your partner to immerse themselves in the experience.

2. Prepare Your and Your Partner's Mind and Body

Make sure you and your partner are both freshly clean and well moisturized. 

Trim your fingernails to avoid any sharp sensations or scratches. You may even consider wearing nitrile or latex gloves if you have long fingernails. You want the entire experience to be soothing and sensual with no unpleasant surprises.

Have your partner practice deep meditative breaths for at least five minutes before they enter the session. This will help them clear their minds and relax.

3. Perform Tantric Breathing Exercises With Your Partner

Tantric breathing is a vital part of yoni massages. Once your partner is relaxed, perform the following breathwork techniques together:

  1. Face each other sitting upright.

  2. Exhale deeply, concentrating your energy in your stomach area.

  3. Close your mouth and inhale softly through your nose.

  4. Hold your breath for seven seconds.

  5. Exhale through the mouth for eight seconds, expelling air from the lower abdomen.

  6. Repeat the exercise three more times.

  7. Massage the Body To Stimulate Arousal

Once you've both completed the tantric breathing exercise, warm your massage oil in your hands and start the massage, reapplying as needed to keep your touch slippery. 

Begin with a gentle massage of the breasts and upper body. Focus on this area for a few moments, then slowly move down to the chest between the breasts, rib cage, stomach, and naval area.

As your partner's body shows arousal, gently caress the breasts. Then move to the areolas and nipples and begin to play with them. You can tease, pinch and circle the nipples with alternating strength to give your partner the ultimate pleasure.

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4. Complete the Yoni Massage

Once you've warmed your partner's body up and aroused them, you can move down to their vulva and vagina for the yoni massage.

Yoni Massage Tips and Techniques

You can use several yoni massage techniques:

  1. Circling Method: Apply slight pressure as you rotate your fingertips around the clitoris in a clockwise and anti-clockwise direction. You can vary your circle size and pressure as you feel the tension leave your partner's body.

  2. Clitoral Massage Method: You can focus on the clitoris, pushing it in and massaging it with your fingertips. Keep the same pressure and motion on the clitoris as you use one of your fingers to rub down the sides of the clitoral shaft, alternating sides as you continue. You can also choose to gently pinch, tug or roll the clitoris between your fingers as you rub, increasing your partner's pleasure.

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  3. Cupping Method: Place your entire hand over the vagina in a cup-like shape and move it in a circular motion for several minutes. Then flatten your hand on her vaginal opening and massage the entire area as you vary your pressure and pace.

After using these methods, you can gently insert a finger into the vagina, gently exploring. You can also massage the G-spot and A-spot. As your partner gets wetter, you can insert more fingers. Then begin thrusting, stroking, and curling your fingers at alternating speeds and pressures.

Remember, the aim isn't to force an orgasm. Keep your touches stimulating yet gentle, allowing your partner to drown in the sensations. 

Suppose they orgasm from your touch, great! We all love to give good orgasms. But even if they don't, the message will still please them and enhance your knowledge of their body.

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Sex Toys for a Yoni Massage

You can also use sex toys when completing a yoni massage to enhance the experience further. Remember to use them gently and keep your touches light to titillate your partner's senses and keep them in a heightened state of arousal.

Massage Wands

Massage wands are excellent toys to help your partner relax and stimulate erogenous zones. You can vary pressure and speed to bring your partner maximum pleasure.




Bullet Vibrators

Bullet vibrators are miniature sex toys that apply concentrated vibrations to the area they are applied. You can use them to tease the nipples, erogenous zones, and vulvovaginal regions lightly.





Dildos are perfect to use for conscious penetration during a yoni massage. You can insert one after using your fingers in the vagina, slowly deepening the thrusts as your partner releases tension.





You can take the pleasure up a notch with vibrators, which provide penetrative stimulation by adding pulses or vibrations.

You can also use a rabbit vibrator, stimulating your partner's clitoris, G-spot, and A-spot simultaneously.




You Can Enjoy Pleasurable Yoni Massages With Sex Toys

Yoni massages are an excellent way for you to get to know and love your body. They can also enhance your relationship with your partner as you learn what brings her pleasure and connect with her erotically. 

Yoni massages for healing offer numerous benefits for your overall well-being, making them the perfect ritual to add to your sexual routine.

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