Most Popular Sex Toys During Quarantine

If you're shopping for luxury sex toys during the COVID-19 Pandemic, you're not alone.

JIMMYJANE's products have been rather popular during the quarantine.

See what reviewers have to say about in-demand products.


Here Are 18 Sex Toys On Sale, So You Can Beat Boredom & Save Money

by BuzzFeed Staff

A JIMMYJANE Form 2 — the vibrator may be designed for your clit (and would work wonders there!) but could be used pretty much anywhere ~but your butt! Each flexible "ear" vibrates with five different speeds and four patterns.



These 10 Sex Toys Are Weirdly Popular Right Now

By AskMen Editors

In the relatively early going of the pandemic, there’s been an unprecedented surge in orders for sex toys from lots of different companies. But this isn’t a case of a rising tide lifting all boats — our new circumstances appear to have helped propel some toys to even greater popularity than usual.


“The Apex has been a viral hit online and the original edition sold out over the weekend,” says sex educator Anne Hodder-Shipp. “The luxe edition is the next product to start moving fast — this one simulates cunnilingus and features a suction pump, tongue-like sweeping, and vibration all in one.”


EVOKE DU-O Massage Wheel Vibrator

Massage Wheel Vibrator

"This one was kind of a sleeper, but now there's been an uptick in sales,” says Hodder-Shipp. “We think it's because the Evoke Du-o Massage Wheel Vibrator is a combination product — it doesn't just have to be used for sex/orgasms but of course it's great for that, too. The massage wheel feels great on tired neck, shoulder and calf muscles, plus it vibrates … and the handle can unofficially be used as a vibrator/dildo combo.”

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Toronto Sun

A few sex toys I'd like to be quarantined with

By Simone Paget

I'm a huge fan of new bedroom gadgetry. However, not all sex toys are created equal. When you have limited income to invest in a product that (hopefully) doesn't have a return policy, there's pressure to get it right the first time.

EVOKE DU-O Massage Wheel Vibrator

If you are shopping for a new pleasure product, here is a suggestion for the multi-tasker: Say hello to the JIMMYJANE Evoke Du-O Massage Wheel Vibrator. The vibrating massage wheel feels great on a tired neck, shoulder and calf muscles (and possibly doubles as a pizza wheel in a pinch?) while the handle can unofficially be used as a vibrator or dildo.


Read more by the Toronto Sun.


10 Basic Sex Toys You Should Know (and Try!)

By Kinkly Staff

Ben-Wa and Kegel balls are becoming more popular every day. Ben-Wa Balls are usually small and metal. They are designed to be held in the vagina to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles; they are often too heavy for beginners and can fall out. Kegel Balls, on the other hand, tend to be larger so they stay in place, and there’s a ball inside of the ball that rolls around and stimulates your muscles, causing them to contract involuntarily and remind you to exercise.

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Our top tip: Kegel balls usually have a pull string! Those are the ones I'd recommend for beginners.

We recommend: JIMMYJANE Intimate Care Kegel Trainer Set gives you two different kegel balls for you to practice with. Each silicone bulb has a steel ball inside that provides you with natural, dynamic vibrations to stimulate your vaginal and pelvic floor muscles.


Sex Machine Reviews

A very comfortable and efficient menstrual cup set

by Joanne's Reviews

"The thing I love the most about the JIMMYJANE Intimate Care Menstrual Cup is that I can wear it throughout the night and it will not leak on me unlike most of the other menstrual cups I have tried, even though my flow is very very heavy. This gives me confidence, and I can enjoy a good nights sleep with it fitted."



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